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‘Why I am not proud to be a politician’ – RITA EDOCHIE

RITA Edochie is fairly known in the make-believe industry.  Good at her job, she has been able to record a lot of credit for herself in her acting career.  The black, bold and beautiful actress was happy to share some tips about her life and career when ENCOMIUM Weekly called her up on Thursday, February 3, 2011.


You’ve recorded a lot of success in your acting career, what’s responsible for that?

It’s God.  God is my secret and I am very grateful to Him.

Most people think you are Pete Edochie’s wife, are you?

No, I am not.

What’s your relationship with him?

I am married with kids to Pete Edochie’s younger brother, Anthony.

Did he play any role in your acting career?

No.  I got into the industry by myself.   I was going for auditions until I was picked and I started acting.

What is happening to you, career-wise?

I will say I have not been consistent of late.  You know how things are in the industry at the moment; because of piracy, the marketers don’t make enough money from movies and it’s affecting us because they wouldn’t want to pay us well.

Do you still act?

Why not?  Though I wouldn’t take just any job anyway.  If the story is nice and the pay is good, why not?  I don’t take peanuts to act.  That is why I am not in every movie these days.  The marketers would want to pay you peanuts.

What other things do you do apart from acting?

I can do any job, contract jobs and so on.  Remember, I am a broadcaster.  I do that as well.

What challenges do you go through as an actress?

I won’t say I go through challenges because I don’t put my mind on any. I stay focused all the time and I hardly see any challenge.  I am a bulldozer that knows no obstruction.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

It is just the flair for acting. I got into acting because of the flair for it and nothing more.  I can act without considering the pay or anything else, but the marketers are not encouraging us.  They would want to treat you with disdain.  They want to use you to make their money, fill their pockets, feed themselves and their families while you suffer.  Not only that, some of them will insult and maltreat you in any manner of their choice.

What challenges do you face as a mother and an actress?

I can’t really say.  My children are all grown now.  My last baby will be 16 in April, 2011.   I won’t say they give me trouble.  Even when they were younger, if I was away, my husband took care of them.

What is your greatest desire?

It is to know God more and to do His will.  I would want to represent God in all I do.  That is why sometimes I am not proud to say that I am a politician.  Because I went into politics and I found out that it is really dirty as people say.  I didn’t believe it was as dirty until I got in.  If I had all I wanted and all it takes, I wouldn’t have ventured into politics.  What is happening is game of choice.  It’s either you join or you leave.  And I tell you that a saint cannot be a politician, except you are willing to dance to their tunes.  So, based on these, I wouldn’t proudly come out at the moment to claim I am one until I see the light.

What makes you happy?

I can’t pinpoint a particular thing. I just love being happy and I think it’s something that comes from within.  When I am happy, I hardly go hungry and everybody around me is infected with the same happiness I bear.  This could happen also when I am sad.  That’s why I love and prefer being happy always.

How does Rita Edochie relax?

Do I ever relax?  I don’t think I have any specific time for that.  Except when I am at home, but even at home, I’ve got to be busy with my laptop and you’ve got to answer calls constantly.

Share your most memorable day with us.

I will say when I had my first baby and people were streaming in to greet me and the baby. I was so happy.  It’s all memorable.

-This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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