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‘Why I am vying for House of Representatives’ -Abdulkareem Jimoh Ingwoh


Abdulkareeem Jimoh Ingwoh has finally picked his nomination form for House of Representatives on the platform of APC covering Okene/Ogene Manogo Federal Constituency, Kogi state.

The man whose role as a kingmaker in Kogi politics is well known had a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly and explained why he decided to heed the call of his people and political party.


You are the House of Representatives candidate on APC platform in Kogi state, why are you contesting?

I am from Kogi Central. I am representing Okonegoi Federal Constituency. I have been practising politics behind the door for a while. But after due consultations, it was agreed it’s high time I showcased myself. I am from that area for a purpose and I believe it’s time to execute the commission assigned to me by God for my people.

Politics, they say is a dirty game, how are you prepared to succeed?

I keep telling people that politics is not dirty. It depends on how you intend playing it. It’s not a do or die affair. We have self acclaimed politicians. Like in the religious settings, you don’t have to play dirty before you can engaged in politics.

The language is used by political ambassadors who are dirty and don’t want clean people to come and tidy the system. We have political contractors and those whose mission is to truly serve the people which is the ideal purpose.

When you understand what leadership entails, you won’t be afraid. Politics is not dirty.

What’s your people’s reaction as their favourite candidate?

Like I said, they know me well and I have been plying it underground. I have been serving the interest of my people even before my political aspiration. Since they know my general concern for them, they pushed me forward. When I addressed them, the turnout was overwhelming. It’s about service and initiating changes that will better the lots of the people.

Why the choice of APC?

When I considered the people in APC, I loved their ideas. People say all politicians or parties are thieves, but I tell them some are still better than the rest. For instance, in Lagos, if they give you a job, they will ensure it’s done according to specification even if something exchanged hands. But in other parties, they will pocket the money and nothing will happen.

At least, we still have men of integrity in APC. I studied the situation and discovered that APC is a decent platform through which I can serve my people. It’s a level playing ground.

Check their antecedents, their representatives are doing better than their counterparts from other parties. I evaluated both before taking that decision.

What will give you an edge over your rivals?

My people love me and my work will speak for me.

What’s your plan for your people?

Our political fathers joke with education. From 1984, there has been a decline educationally, our children are no longer serious with their academics. They now rush into fraudulent acts. I have discovered we have poor representation at the House of Representatives. They don’t understand how to lobby to effect positive changes. I have to empower the youth through education and skills acquisition. I will also get them a computer village to create an environment for them to showcase their talents.

I will also continue with my scholarship programme and engage them in beneficial sporting activities.

Who is your political godfather?

It’s God. Nobody picked my nomination form for me.

Your father is a well known political figure in Nigeria, to what extent has he influenced you?

At times, we have different political ideologies. It was only recently we fell into the same party.

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