– Features him in his N10 million movie, John Zerebe

Soon, teeming fans of the rave of the moment and music star, David Adeleke, otherwise known as Davido, will see him in action when the movie, John Zerebe is released! The action-packed flick is going to be produced by his cousin, Ikechukwu Ojeogwu Francis and directed by Teco Benson.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly held at his residence at Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Island, Lagos, the filmmaker revealed his passion for movies and why he’s featuring Davido.

What informed the choice of Davido?

Davido and Ike Ojeogwu

Davido and Ike Ojeogwu

I didn’t feature him because he’s popular. The choice of Davido is not to make the film to be accepted by the general public. I believe that my cousin, Davido really fits the role for which he was chosen. This was not favouritism. Although, Davido may have become a huge success in the music world, this would be his first time in a movie.

Who else are we expecting to see in the film?

We have invited a lot of acts from Nollywood, which I will love to keep for now. But, let me say this, I will be working with Teco Benson, and the choice of Teco is obvious. John Zerebe is action packed, and the best person to direct the movie is no other person than Teco. I will be playing the lead role, at the same time, the producer.

What about the lead actress?

I have not decided on the female lead yet but my eyes are on Genevieve Nnaji. Having her and Davido in the same movie will surely be a huge hit, but the major challenge now is that Genevieve is younger to fit-in the role the lead actress is expected to play. However, Nigerians and the world should expect the best.

Tell us in brief, the storyline?

It’s a combination of my real experience and experiences of others. I put everything together, to make it unique. John Zerebe is about a young, smart guy who wants to live a big life at an early age. He wants to achieve everything within a twinkle of an eye. This lead him into different abuses, doing all sorts of things, to become rich quick. Was he able to achieve that? Until you watch the film when it comes out.

Tell us how much this project will gulp?

It’s huge. We have budgeted a lot for it, and as we speak, I have set aside N10 million.

Why did you invest so much in this movie?

Movie is my passion. It’s something I love so much. It’s going to be unique, different from what we’ve been watching. That’s why I am giving my time, money and energy to make the production a success. In essence, I am doing this to project Nigeria Nollywood in a brighter light.

What will happen if it doesn’t go the way you planned. How would you feel?

Since it’s a passion, I have to keep going. That’s life. If you have passion for something, and because it didn’t go right the first time doesn’t mean it’s a failure. You have to keep going till you achieve the desired result. So, whatever happens, I move on, because it’s a passion. May be I will get it right in my subsequent attempt.

Do you get support from your parents?

Very much, especially from my mother. She has been very supportive, I won’t be here without her support. I developed this idea to go into acting before David became Davido and known all over the world. She told me she would be supportive. I am happy with the kind of family I have, they give us everything in order to achieve our dreams.

How was growing with your siblings, particular Davido?

Growing up was fun. We grew together, I, Davido and Rambo. We used to play 5 aside football. It’s a big family. We had a special relationship growing. It was fun.

Why did you decide to go into acting?

It has been my childhood dream. I am a young man, who is very creative, I used to belong to a drama group. I have a huge passion for acting, but after school, I decided to go more professional, which is Nollywood, with specialization in movie making. I have travelled wide and I have seen how it’s being done in Hollywood. With my experience, I am ready to impact positively into Nollywood with the intention of standardizing it. I am not the Jesus of Nollywood, but I am going to add my own quota.


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