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Why I formalized my marriage after 12 years – Laredo boss, Olanrewaju Jimoh

Olanrewaju Musibau Jimoh popularly known as Laredo, has come a long way in the business of small chops. In fact, he is a role model to upcoming members of that fold.  He formally tied the knots with his wife, Oluwakemi Naimat after 12 years of being together.  The ceremony which was well attended held on Saturday, February 18, 2012, at Oba Alake’s palace, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on why he waited this long before formalizing the union, how he found love and much more.


Congratulations, sir.

Thank you.

How does it feel to be formally married after living together for 12 years?

It is great, it is really great, it is a great thing.  Having a life partner takes you to the promised land.  I thank God for everything.

What kept you from formalizing it all this while?

My family relocated to the UK a couple of years ago.  We fixed several dates but none worked out.  With the nature of my job, we keep on shifting it.  We might pick a date now and in a couple of weeks, a client may ask for our services on that day, so we had to be shifting it.  But we made up our mind that nothing will change that date this year.

Why did you decide to do it now?

I believe this is the best time for us.  My family is now back in Nigeria, more so, we made up our mind that nothing will stop us now.

What kept the union despite the fact that you didn’t formalize it?

I was visiting the UK almost every hour.  God has kept it.  Without God, things wouldn’t work.  There is trust and understanding as well.

What are some of the lessons you have learnt over time in your relationship?

My wife is very submissive, she doesn’t argue.  I have learnt to be patient with her.  Atimes, she might need me but work may have taken me away.  She wouldn’t react to that, which has taught me also to be more patient.

What was the family’s reaction all these while?

Thank God for our families.  When she took me to her parents, they fell in love with me.  I am a very calm person.  Anytime any of her parents want to complain, I just calm them down.  It got to a time that I had to reassure my wife that there will be no problem.  Our parents understand us, they are wonderful people.

So, what was the attraction in the first place?

It was love at first sight, that is what I will say.

How did your path and that of your wife cross?

She was working with her aunt who happened to be my client.  They had a store on the Island where they sold textiles.  Whenever her aunt was not around, she would be in charge.  That was how it started.  I developed interest and she was also interested.

How long were you together before you formalized your union?

We were together for 12 years.  We went to the registry three years after we met.  The other formal ceremony was done this year.

Tell us about your children.

We are blessed with four children, three girls and one boy, Sophie, Farida, Haliah and Adnan.  Sophie means wisdom, Adnan means eternal life.

Are you looking forward to having more children?

No, not at all.  God has blessed us with enough.

Tell us about your wife.

Her name is Oluwakemi Naimat.  She is a trader.  They all came back in 2008.

Why did they relocate?

It is a good thing, it is good to watch my children grow.  We should live together.  It is not good for families to stay apart, distance tears families.

– This interview was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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