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‘Why I grew my 17 year old skin cut at 40’ -Designer Patricia Odeyemi


City clothier, Patricia Odeyemi is the creative mind behind Satellite Town based upscale tailoring and fashion outfit, Pat Divine Stitches. The trim and ebony skinned hospitable lady turned 40 on Monday, September 26, 2016, and the day did not go without some ceremonies.

In this no holds barred interview with Patricia Odeyemi, the skin cut loving soft spoken lady revealed why she had to grow her hair after wearing skin cut for 17 years and much more…


Congratulations on your 40th birthday.

Thank you so very much.

Pat Odeyemi

Pat Odeyemi

How do you feel at 40. Has anything changed?

I feel so good and elated. It’s been God Almighty all the way. Nothing has changed about me. I am still as constant as the Northern star by the special grace of God.

What are the things you were doing that you can’t do again at 40?

I am still the same Patricia Odeyemi and I still do all the things I have been doing. I thank God for good health.

What do you wish to be expunged from your lifestyle?

Nothing to change because God has given me good friends and I am living a good life.

What are the fond memories of your childhood, do you still relate with your childhood friends?

There are no sweet memories of my childhood but I still relate with my childhood friends. As a matter of fact, one of them, Talatu and her husband, Hon. Ola Ogunlana sponsored my birthday.

Growing up was very tough. Fortunately, at 15, one of my aunts brought me to Lagos and my life changed for the better.

It’s said that life begins at 40, what is your take on that?

Life really begins at 40 because I’m really feeling it right away. I feel good inside of me. I am bursting loose in God’s favour.

Can you allow us a peep into your love life?

It has been splendid.

Who is the man behind your success story?

It would be curious to say there’s no man but it’s true. God has been very faithful to me.

What are the things you wished to have achieved before 40 that you’re still struggling to achieve?

I am not struggling to achieve anything. What has been divinely ordained for me must be mine. I have every reason to believe it will manifest. I don’t set targets for myself because I hate to be pressured. I take my time, I know God’s time is the best.

What are those things you are expecting God to do for you?

At 40 I have a daughter who is a graduate. So, what I want is for God to give me the zeal, empowerment enthusiasm and whatever it takes to thank God ceaselessly for His goodness in my life.

What has life taught you at 40?

I’ve learned to be patient and persevere, in due season things will fall into place.

What are your 40th birthday wishes?  

God should continue to be my God forever more.

What are you looking forward to?

I want to start a foundation  Patricia Odeyemi Foundation to help the less privileged around me.

Any regret?

None, whatsoever.

What is that single fashion item that must be found on you all the time?

My tape rule. It’s like my second skin.

What will you never be caught wearing?

I can wear anything. I can be daring when it comes to fashion.

Tel us about your tailoring outfit?

It’s called Pat’s Divine Stitches. I’ve been consistent for over 20 years. I had my first shop at 18. I am first a tailor and a designer.

What is your greatest asset?

My children.

You celebrated 40 on Monday, September 26, with inmates of Compassionate Orphanage along with friends and relations, what followed?

On Sunday, October 2, we would have a thanksgiving at St. John Anglican Church, Ojo, Lagos and reception.

Why are you growing your hair now after 17 years of skin cut?

Five years ago, my daughters warned that I should grow my hair for my 40th birthday. So, I decided to grow my hair my own way since January 2016.

What influences your dressing?

My mood and of course the occasion.

How rich is Pat Odeyemi?

I’m very rich through Christ who supplies my needs. His store house is open 24 hours every day. I’ve invested so much on humanity. They are happy and that gives me joy and fulfillment

You seem to be working very hard for your children and charity, do you have time to pamper yourself?

Yes, I do. It’s ENCOMIUM Ventures that slowed me down. They no longer stage the popular high octane Black & White Ball which is in a class of its own and the angelic White Gig. These were the best events in town. But we are anxiously waiting for their return.




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