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‘Why I hardly act these days’ – ABIOLA ATANDA

ACTRESS cum master of ceremonies, Abiola Atanda, popularly known as Madam Kofo, is one woman who knows what it takes to put smiles on faces at events with her rib cracking jokes.  The dark-skinned woman had an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, February 11, 2011, at Ikeja GRA, Lagos.  She spoke on her acting career, her MC job and more.


You are an actress, but you do more of MC now. Would it be right to say you’ve finally dropped acting?

No, not at all.  I still act, but it’s just that I hardly get roles these days. People don’t give me roles like it used to be.  Maybe because I do more of MC, so they think I might not be able to act well like before. But it’s not true.  Once an actress, always an actress.  That I anchor events does not mean that I have forgotten what I was called to do.  It does not mean that I have forgotten what it takes to be a good actress.  I am an actress and I will always be an actress because it is my passion.  If you give me a role to play, I will read my script and play it very well like a talented actress that I am.

What do you enjoy most about being an MC?

I enjoy the fact that I make people happy, put smiles on people’s faces and I satisfy the hosts and guests.

Madam-kofo-1Between acting and MCing, which do you prefer?

I enjoy both. I don’t prefer one to the other. I know how to do both and I enjoy doing them.  My fans enjoy me when I act and I also make them happy when I anchor events.

But, it’s been long you acted, don’t you think your fans have missed you a lot?

Yes, I know they’ve missed me a lot and I have missed them too, but I will make it up for them.  I am working on my movie now and I am going to surprise them.  I love them all.

What has anchoring top events done for you?

It opens doors for me, I mingle with the high and mighty. It has made me very popular.  A lot of people love the jobs I have done and they call me to anchor theirs.  If the president is at an event anchored by me, nobody can stop me from going close to him, nobody can tell me not to talk to him.  So, it gives me freedom of association.  I can talk to governors, ministers or senators at an event.  It opens doors for me.  I enjoy everything about it.

What do you detest about anchoring events?

Nothing.  I am always in charge and free to do what I like.

When you look back at the numerous top events you’ve anchored, which would you say is the most memorable?

They are all memorable.  It’s not all about the money, because some pay well, others pay less, while some don’t even pay at all.

How much do you charge to anchor an event?

I can’t tell you how much I charge because I don’t have a specific fee.  It all depends on the event.  But like I said earlier, some pay well, others pay less, while some don’t pay at all.

Approximately, how many events have you anchored so far?

I have anchored over 10,000 events and still counting, by the grace of God.

How do you get your jobs?  What gives you an edge over others?

(Laughs) In fact, I don’t know.  I believe it is God’s doing. It is God’s favour and I am grateful to Him.  I want to believe that a lot of people love my job, they love the way and manner in which I handle events and they always call me. I might just be on my own at home and I will be called for a job.  Some people send me text messages, even without knowing who they are.  I have anchored a lot of events that I can’t even remember some of the hosts.  Some people meet me on the road and they would tell me that I anchored their wedding ceremony and all that.  People I don’t even remember again, but I thank Almighty God for everything.  He has been very good to me. I was driving today and a man just handed me his complementary card from his car and asked me to call him, that he wants me to anchor his event next month.  That is how I get jobs.

Since you are always at one event or the other, always busy, how do you relax?

Even when I am anchoring an event, I am also relaxing because I entertain myself as well as the guests.  Anchoring events is fun on its own and when I am not working, I relax at home.

Your dress sense is very different and uncommon. How do you feel when people look at you in amazement?

I don’t believe people look at me in a funny way.  I think they admire me.  People can easily identify me with my style, it’s my style and I love it.  Not all women can tie their head-gears themselves.  Some don’t even tie it at all, but I can tie for myself and for people.  I just decided to be identified by something unique, an uncommon style and that is how I came about the way I dress.

What is your assessment of the movie industry?

The industry is doing fine, there has been a lot of improvement. We can do better and I believe with time, there will be greater improvement because you don’t expect us to remain stagnant.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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