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‘Why I named my hangout Club Virus’ – Ebere Anyanwu

‘Why I named my hangout Club Virus’ – Ebere Anyanwu

Ebere Anyanwu is the manager of Club Virus, the newest club on the Island. The short, dark dude in a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly explained why his club is trending…


Why the name, Club Virus, does it have a special meaning?

I’m a very controversial person, so I decided to use the name, Virus. Virus is like an infection, so you have to be infected by the virus. A virus is something that spreads. I want the name of the club to spread in Nigeria and other countries too. So, I chose the name, Club Virus.

How did you venture into the business?

I’ve been into the business for a very long time, right from my university days. I was actually a club boy in UNILAG. Club boy in the sense that, we are the people that staged parties then. We organized parties, people paid to attend our parties. I left being a club boy for investment.

I coordinated Oniru Private Beach for one year and moved into managing the club in Ikeja. From managing Likwid Lounge, I turned to be the Managing Director of Likwid Lounge. It has been a long time coming through, I know the in and out of the business.

Imagine running a club on the mainland, I have been to the Island, not to take up the whole club business but to build my clientele in Club Escape. I worked with Club Escape for one year. I built my clientele on the Island before I decided to open my own club, which is Club Virus in Lekki, Phase 1.

What are the pains and gains of the business?

For every good thing, there must be a bad side, in the sense that, popularity is a very big problem. People would talk, even when they don’t know you, they would claim to know you and they would always have something to say.

The gain is the money which is good, very lovely. Popularity sometimes brings open doors for you to meet people. The business is worthy.

What are the challenges of running a club?

The fame, like I side, people end up taking you for granted even when you are good. Debtors are actually a big challenge. We always have these big spenders and they end up owing you all the time.

What makes Club Virus stand out?

Club Virus stands out because the person running the club or the people running the club are much more experienced. I’m not just a club runner on the Island. I stand out both in the Island and Mainland.

I can conquer anywhere in Lagos State. Some club runners can only do well on the Island, while some can only do well on the Mainland, but I can do very well on the Mainland and Island.

What are your unique selling points?

My unique selling points are ambience of Club Virus which is a very beautiful place, the location, which is Lekki Phase 1. Second, the way I carry myself, the way I talk to people and the way I handle my costumers. Third, my relationship with girls, I think I know many girls in Lagos. It makes my club standout, where you can get decent girls both students and non-students.

How do you cope with women because in your line of business, you may not avoid them. So how do you handle them?

They understand me very well and I think I know how to handle them. I’m a nice person.

Are you in a relationship?


If you can turn back the hand of time, what would you do better?

I will turn to a reverend father, a priest.

Presently, aside the club business, what else do you do?

Importation and exportation. I’m planning to open my record label very soon, Royal Record.

Can your please introduce yourself?

My name is Ebere Anyanwu. I’m in my early 30s. Igbo boy from Imo State. I attended University of Lagos, studied Quantity Survey. I am from a family of five (5), the third born (all boys). I’m into full time entertainment, although I do importation and exportation by the side.


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