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‘Why I renamed Page Night Club’ – Chris Erondu

The newly repackaged night club, In Vogue located in Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, owned by seasoned business man, Chris Erondu, is now one of the upscale night clubs on the mainland.

Chris Erondu has achieved another feat by remodeling his highly patronized night club formerly known as Page to In Vogue.

In Vogue, provides high class services in a cool and welcoming ambience that befits the yearning of potential and established clients. It’s a place for matured minds and fun seekers, who appreciate good things of life.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on why he renamed the place and what he has for his numerous clients in 2016.


Page used to be one of the bubbling clubs in Ikeja, Lagos, but most of them have fizzled away, what has been the factor keeping In Vogue?

Business generally is not an easy thing but if you know exactly what you are doing and it is giving you what you want, then that is good business.

Club business is different from every other business, what is the secret behind your business that keeps it going?

Club business is an entertainment business and in entertainment, I look for the things that attract customers and work on them so that our customers can patronize us often.

Why the sudden change from Page to In Vogue?

Back in the days when we used to be Page, our old customers who grew up with us are now graduates and work in oil companies and better places, if we keep that same name most of them might not want to come to us because this is the place they grew up and they want something new.

They will only know this is the same place when they see me around because everything here has changed and looking different.

What was it about Page that is not about In Vogue?

So many things, by the time we decided to change to a higher place, we looked at the areas we have not been doing well, the building arrangement, the interior decorations and designs, so we had to bring in an expert, drew a plan and studied it well. And with this we know that we do well in the entertainment industry.

Today is Wednesday and you are the only one here, why is that so?

Our customers know that we don’t operate on Wednesdays. This is the only day we look at our books and our workers will rest and prepare for the next day.

What is a clubbing day like in In Vogue because back in the days, Page was the talk of the town?

In Vogue is still bubbling. We have good network system, we have a lot of people who believe in us from the past and they know that when they come here they will get that maximum and effective service and for this reasons they are always here.

We play the best music and we have the best sound system that will make you shake your body even if you don’t know how to dance. Our Dj also remains the best. My Dj has been with me from the beginning till date. With the music and beats he produces brings people to my club.

What is the unique selling point of In Vogue?

As a businessman, I will like to keep some things to myself because that is what keeps me in business but creativity is the key to a successful business. You don’t make all the money and go home, you must plough back the money into the business.

The advent of strip bars in night clubs, what is your take?

I cannot do what others are doing. We cannot go into stripping. If I have any new plan, when it is matured, you will be the first to know.

What changes can you say occurred since you started night club business and now?

Before, there was gate taking which was used for the maintenance of the club and other things, but now, club business is managed by the number of people that come to your club and the amount of drinks they buy from the bar.

So, if we look at it, the past is better than now. Also, most people want to club on the Island and no one wants to club on the Mainland.

You used to run a car mart here but I can’t see the car mart, what happened to it?

When we got into entertainment business, we realized that Nigerians do not go for used cars anymore. They go for brand new cars and we decided to keep away from it because it is no more vibrant. We are still working to see if we can get some partners that can give us brand new cars to sell on their behalf. If we find them abroad, we will come back to business.

We see several clubs that started very well and in the long run fizzled out, what do you think is the cause?

Club business is not a buying and selling business, you must know your onion before you come into the business. Club business is a watch man business, it is not something you set up and go home to rest and then come back in the morning to ask your workers how much they sold. With this attitude, the business will collapse.

Entertainment industry now pays tax, how has it affected your business?

Tax is a general thing. The government has made it known to us that this year, it won’t be business as usual. So, we are waiting for them but we will pay our tax, that is why we are here. What we do is, some customers will not pay for Value Added Tax (VAT) if we charge them so, we build it into the drinks and charge them.


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