‘Why I splashed millions on the needy at 41’ – PROPHET CHRIS OKAFOR



DR Chris okafor celebrates 10 years anniversary

DR Chris okafor celebrates 10 years anniversary

Prophet Chris Okafor is the General Overseer of Liberation City. The humble clergy was 41 on Friday, April 4, 2014. And he celebrated it with 150 less privileged whom he empowered with skill acquisition splashing over N20 million on them.

In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on the success story of his young ministry, expansion and why his is passionate about the less privileged and much more.


Congratulations on your birthday?

Thank you.

How does it feel to be 41?

I bless God and I am full of praise for His mercies. I thank Him for the gift of life. It’s not easy. It’s only the living that can praise God. The dead don’t do so. That’s why David said I will bless the Lord all the time. So many people are not opportuned to be around. It’s not because I am better than them but because of God’s grace upon my life.

It’s not an occasion for merriment but a moment to reflect on the goodness of God and to know that God keeping you alive is an opportunity to be a blessing to others who are in need. I didn’t throw a party like the socialites but my kind of party is empowering people in my own little way.

DR Chris Okafor

DR Chris Okafor

How did you go about that?

It went well. I started a week before now with thanksgiving. Also, we have a Chris Okafor Foundation where we empowered widows and the needy. For this celebration, I gathered about 150 people for our skill acquisition programme.

They learnt different trades and they have successfully completed the task. We gave them certificates on Saturday, April 5, 2014. We would give them each at least N100,000 and above depending on the trade. This is my own way of affecting and impacting the less privileged.

How much will you say you have spent on them?

We had a consultant who really helped us. We spent several millions of naira. I know how much I paid the consultant, materials involved and the money (over N15 million) for the empowerment. And it will be a continuous thing. We also gave widows rice and money. We will also ensure we monitor them so they can grow.

The importance of this is that I am fulfilling the mandate God gave me to reach one billion souls with the gospel. I taught them God’s word and demonstrated His power among them. Also, like Jesus, after ministering to souls, he didn’t send them away but blessed them with material things. That’s church beyond the spiritual point of view. Church is not only about coming here to pray but to heal the broken hearted. Who are they? They are the less privileged.

When people are empowered, they will not become tools in the hands of the devil. The reason people engage in evil is because they are not empowered. Empowered positively, he will no longer be idle nor be the devil’s workshop.

How far have you gone in achieving that?

The ministry is 10 and I can tell you authoritively that we have reached several millions so far. One of the tools is our Liberation Television which commenced operation few months ago. It is watched on satellite throughout Africa, America, Europe and Asia. It’s capital intensive.

What lesion has life taught you at 41?

Success in life depends on the assignment God has given you. Jesus was 30 when He began His ministry and within three years, He impacted the world. It took Him just three years to conquer the world. It’s not how many years you spent but the impact you have made. Metuselah, in the Bible lived for over 900 years but made no impact.

With the launch of Liberation TV, how much impact has the ministry recorded?

Tremendous record. Through it many have been saved, healed and delivered. There are testimonies. Its like bringing church to our door step. We run live transmission.

It’s capital intensive, where did you source the funds?

It’s quite expensive. If I tell you how much we have expended you will be surprised. Aside Emmanuel TV, no other Christian television covers the continents like us. We paid many platforms and it’s so expensive.

How do you identify genuinely called men of God?

By their fruits you shall know them. How can a man of God live in a hotel? Some have permanent suites there when people are suffering. Some run the church as if its their personal business. The whole family members are signatories to the church account. Many are not called but came in because of gains. That’s why the Bible says many are called but few are chosen. For once, I have never touched church money. If God has given you a vision, He will give you provision.

You have acquired most of the lands beside your church?

Like I said, when God gives you a vision He supplies provision. The number of people trooping here covers the street and our host suffer the pains. Thus, we decided to organise two services. Also, we bought houses on the street, demolished them and converted them to church use. The expansion is a multimillion naira project.

How do you overcome female temptation?

I build walls around myself. You overcome same by prayers, some by maturity and others through discipline. It is the person that goes to the river that gets drowned. If you don’t go inside the river, you can’t get drowned. I don’t counsel them alone. And I don’t go out alone. I only go from house to the church. Last, the grace of God.

How do you handle the home front amidst tight schedule?

Just as I have taken care of the ministry, I handle my home front well.


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