‘Why I threw out my wife’- Iba LCDA chairman’s husband, Adeyebi

Mr. James Olusegun Adeyeri is the estranged husband of Mrs. Ramota Oseni-Adeyeri, the chairman of Iba local council development area (LCDA).

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that the two have been separated as husband and wife for sometimes now. The reason for their separation revolved around allegations of wife battering on the part of the husband and adultery on the part of the wife.

The situation between the couple got so bad that the husband wrote a petition to the chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC), Iba local council development area (LCDA), to the effect that he should no longer be associated with his wife in name and actions.

ENCOMIUM Weekly got in touch with the couple to see their reactions to the rumours of their separation and the allegations of wife-battering and adultery against them.

Mr. Adeyeri was the only one who responded to our questionnaires. These are his reactions to the allegations levelled against him in the break-up of their marriage…

Is it true that you and your wife, Princess Ramota Oseni-Adeyeri, are no longer living together as husband and wife?


Is it true that the cause of your separation was that you were beating her?

That is not true, at all. A number of reasons led to our separation, but they revolve around the fundamental issues of lack of submission and adultery on her part. The simple but bitter truth is that Ramota is a spoilt child. She is incurably rude, lazy and arrogant. She is well known for these traits in several quarters, including her hometown, Iba, Lagos, where she is LCDA chairman.

Concerning her lack of submission, it is interesting to know that she deserted our matrimonial home not less than five times between April 2001 and June 2011. Similarly, she was in the habit of keeping late nights and even spending nights away from home, sometimes out of town, without my consent.

Because I recognized the fact that her job could sometimes necessitate coming home late, I promised to stay awake for her on such occasions, but insisted it must be with my foreknowledge and I must know her whereabouts. Is that not fair enough? But due to her unsubmissiveness and arrogance, she continued to keep late nights and sometimes slept out  of town without my consent.

Indeed, the immediate cause of our final separation was that she moved out of the matrimonial home in June 2011, because I rebuked her (I locked her out) for habitual night-crawling, after several warnings. Again, Ramota was also a very aggressive and violent housewife, with the habit of throwing domestic missiles at will.

On at least two occasions, she attacked me with breakable food plates. And on a particular occasion, she even pulled a knife on me, threatening to stab me to death (Ma gun e pa), she declared in Yoruba.

There are living witnesses to all these. Of course, I stood my ground and defended myself against her physical and dangerous assaults whenever they occurred. Does self-defence make me a wife-beater? Certainly not. This is the crux of the matter: I am a thorough-bred Akoko-Yoruba man with abiding commitment to the values of hard work, discipline, honour and integrity. I will never become a slave to a wife or anyone, no matter how highly placed.

So, you see, rather than accuse me of wife-beating, Ramota is indeed the one to be held accountable for domestic violence, attempted murder and other acts of gangsterism and misdemeanour.

People also alleged that you were not comfortable with her position as LCDA Chairman. And that you wrote a petition against her to Lagos state government and Asiwaju Tinubu that she was having an illicit affair with Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, aka K1 De Ultimate, and was spending the LCDA money on him?

The allegation that I am uncomfortable with her being LCDA chairman is laughable and sounds like broken record. I am known as a modest and self-contented person who gives little or no attention to wealth or flamboyance.

More significantly, I am happy and satisfied with the modest progress I have achieved in my chosen career so far. For emphasis sake, I must say that I am not in the academic profession by accident, but by choice. Thus, my commitment to it and its core tenets.

Without being immodest, I like to say that the internet and some other knowledge banks are awash with lucid testimonies of my intellectual efforts, scholarship and contribution to knowledge. For me, this is enough reason to be happy and contented. Why should I beef anyone for being LCDA chairman or anything? In fact, I consider this allegation as an insult. With due respect to all, if I were to a nurse political ambition, I would probably begin at the Federal House of Representatives, certainly not that of local council chairmanship!

Concerning Alhaji Ayinde Wasiu, there is need to put the record straight by putting the issues in proper context:

a. I did not accuse the fuji artiste in my petition to the APC leadership; rather, I accused Ramota of having illicit affairs with a number of men, including a particular personage, whose wife reported Ramota to me through her friend, who is my workplace colleague. The kernel of my petition is that the Iba LCDA chairman should desist from using my name for political and electioneering purposes in order to save me and my family from further collateral damage on account of her shameful and disgraceful conduct both in private and public domains. A copy of the petition is attached herewith for verification purposes.

b. However, part of the information at my disposal is that the Iba LCDA chairman is involved in an adulterous relationship with Wasiu Ayinde.

c. That Ramota pays as much as N300,000 for sitting-space during the musician’s shows. Again, I did not mention this in my petition. Nonetheless, if and when I decide to officially charge her for her numerous offences, I will do so through appropriate constitutional mechanisms.

Is it also true that you met her when she was your student at LASU?

It is not true that I met her when she was my student. The truth is that I met her in 1999 during my M.A. degree programme in the department of History & International Studies while she was seeking admission into the department of English. She eventually left the English department for History and International Studies department that same year, whereas I was appointed almost four years later, 2004.

Is it also true that the two children between you are living with her and you have not been catering for them since your separation?

It is of course untrue. Indeed, I am a staunch believer in the Yoruba Ebi (family) concept. Presently, my widowed sister and her children live under my roof and care. So, why won’t I care for my own direct offsprings.

Is it true that you have another wife and children somewhere else?

Completely untrue. I believe in doing things properly. I have always maintained that if and when I decide to re-marry, I will do so openly in accordance with traditional and conventional norms.

On the whole, the allegations against me are malicious, baseless and unfounded. They should be seen for what they represent: a desperate design by a desperate politician and her cronies to cover up her legion of atrocities. But no amount of lies, blackmail, intimidation and threat will stop me.

I will follow this story, and will contact your organization and similar ones over this and related issues, if necessary.


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