‘Why I went back to Christianity’ –Ajigijaga’s widow, Zainab Taiwo Sanni

+Set to launch debut Christian gospel album

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, Zainab Taiwo, wife of late veteran actor,  Mufutau Sanni (Ajigijaga) will be launching her debut album, Lehin Isubu (After The Downfall) and also unveiling a foundation in the names of her late husband and herself. The two-in-one event is slated for Top Event Centre, Alagbole, Ogun State. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, September 1, 2016, in Ikeja, Lagos, the mother of two kids – Jamal and Jemil spoke on the event and other issues revolving around her life, especially the alleged abandonment by Ajigijaga’s family and more.


It’s about one year your husband, Mufutau Sanni (Ajigijaga) passed away. What has been happening to you since?

Life has been so difficult for me. But all the same, I still have to thank Almighty God for keeping me and my children alive till this moment.

Can we say you’re still really missing him?

Yes, I am missing him deeply. In fact, I remember him almost every day, especially when I look at our children, Jamal and Jemil.

How do you cope taking care of the two kids? How has the experience been?

It’s not easy at all. I will say things have been so difficult for me. It’s has been really hard. But at least, for me to be able to provide the little I can to take care of them, I still have to be grateful to God as well.

Do you get support from your husband’s family and your own family?

I have not received any support from my husband’s family since he died. But I have received support from the Best of Nollywood boss, Mr. Seun Oloketuyi. I really appreciate what he has done for us. May God continue to bless him.

Are you saying your husband’s family has abandoned you?

Yes, all the members of the family have abandoned us even starting from the moment my husband passed away. I have not been seeing any of them. Even when I put to bed, I didn’t see any of them. I have been with my parents since. I have been all alone with my little kids.

Have you made any attempt to visit them if at all you claimed they abandoned you?

Yes, I have done such. And when I realized they had nothing to offer, I had to just leave them alone and move on.

So, you’re still with your parents?


Where is that?

Sango Otta, Ogun State.

But the last time we had a chat with you, you said your husband’s family wanted to secure a new accommodation for you, haven’t they done that?

Nothing like that has been done up till now.

Are you sure there’s no quarrel between you and your husband’s relatives?

No, I have no quarrel with them whatsoever. But if they have any grudge against me, that I don’t know. I am at peace with every one of them.

Don’t you think the present economic situation in the country might have been largely responsible for the neglect?

God knows.

Are you still in contact with your husband’s first born, Rasheed Sanni?

Yes, I am, but he doesn’t call me. I am the one that calls him always.

Has he personally rendered any assistance so far?

There’s nothing like that.

Now that you’re planning to float a foundation for your husband, how have you been going about it?

I just looked around myself and thought it fit myself that his name must not be allowed to die like that. So, I just felt I should create a foundation in his name and mine – Zainab Ajigijaga Foundation. And I have also released an album now dedicated to him.

When will the album be launched?

I am hoping to launch it on Thursday, September 15, 2016. The event will hold at Top Garden Event Centre, Alagbado, Ogun State.

Are you unveiling the foundation that same day?

Yes, my child will also be one on September 14, 2016. So, it coincides with my child’s birthday.

How are you preparing for this two-in-one event?

I am trying my best, but I also want all kind-hearted Nigerians to support me, so that I can achieve my goal.

ajigijaga-1-1-fullscreen-capture-9302015-31815-pm-650x400Can you tell us more about the album? What type of music are you doing?

It’s a Christian gospel song. I dedicated it to all the good Nigerians because when the incident happened, I called on them to assist me with their prayers and I felt the impact of the prayers in my life. So, I have to dedicate a whole track to Nigerians who carried me along in their prayers throughout the trying period. It’s out already, and is ruling the airwaves.

Why Christian gospel song and not Islamic?

What happened was that since my husband died and his family abandoned me to my parents, and since they have sent me back to my parents, then I don’t have a choice again than to follow my parent’s path. They told me since I didn’t know where I was going again, I should be able to trace my origin. So, that’s why.

Does it mean you have reverted to Christianity?

Yes, I have no choice.

That means you’re no longer Zainab?

I am still Zainab. I still want to be using that name because of my late husband.

But the fact that your husband’s family abandoned you shouldn’t be an excuse to abandon the religion you practiced with your husband when he was alive if you truly love him?

I can abandon Islam because I purposely accepted Islam because of my husband and when his family has rejected us. Definitely they don’t want us in their religion again.

But they’re not the creator of the religion.

(Cuts in) Yes, I know but they have changed the way my husband introduced Islam to me. And my parents cannot be watching me in that kind of situation because of my love for my husband.

Do you have any intention of remarrying?

That’s not on my agenda now. I have to take care of my kids first. That’s my major challenge now, not remarrying.

What’s your Christian name?


Which church do you attend now?

I attend Celestial Church, Calvary Parish, Ogba-Aguda, Lagos.

What else do you do for your survival?

I work with Multi-Gold Construction Company, owned by famous actor, Anita Gold.

How did you get the job?

When I was searching for job and I heard on the radio that the company needed marketers. So, I went to him as a neutral person. But now, he knows me to be his colleague’s wife.

Lest we forget, what’s the title of your album?

The title is ‘Lehin Isubu’ (After the Downfall).

What informed the title?

It has to do with all the circumstances that surrounded my husband’s death.



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