‘Why I went back to school’-Baba Gboin

Alhaji Adisa Bashir, better known as Baba Gboin is a prominent broadcaster presenting the popular radio programme, Mini Jojo on Africa Independent Television (AIT). In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he told us why he went back to school and now he has a diploma in Mass Communication from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Ondo state. He is currently doing a degree programme in English Language…


You are one of the popular TV and radio presenters who have sustained relevance till date. What is the secret?

I give honour and glory to God who has been there for me. The secret is nothing but God and hard work.

You have put about two and half decades into your career as a broadcaster and master of ceremonies, how would you describe the experience?

I started entertainment in 1986.

I thank God for making me a broadcaster and master of ceremonies, and I must say that hard work contributed to my success and I am talented. The experience has been quite challenging but here I am today as a fulfilled man.

Can you still recall how you came into the media industry, what was it like then?

That was 1990, when I was unable to manage my theatre group. It was tough to go ahead with the group and most of the people around discouraged me. They thought I was making big money out of the group whereas they did not know how much I pressurized the producers to pull me into entertainment fully. I went back to do a rethink and I decided to go into radio comedy and thank God I made such decision. I was working with Lagos state then, there was one man, Kayode Tijani who used to come to our office to see my boss. He introduced me to Gbenga Adeboye and got me a programme on Radio Lagos. I first featured in Omo Oloofin, a radio programme which was run in Awori and because I am fluent in Awori, I anchored the programme alongside Alhaji Tope. I was involved in other programmes too.

The man discovered I had bundle of talents and handed a late night programme to me entitled, Kasun Layo. The programme was run from 11pm to 1am. The programme was accepted as if it were a daytime programme. I met my benefactor, Ambrose Somide, who told me to work with him on Mini Jojo. I will forever be grateful to God and Ambrose Somide.

We learnt you have gone back to school. How would you describe the experience and what informed the idea?

It was quite lovely. No matter how talented you are, you need to be educated. Education is needed in any profession. You have to be educated to get what you want to do done. Moving by the trend, it is very important.

I have gone to several notable occasions within government, entrepreneurship, social gathering and many more and if I am not up to the task to express myself better in English, then it is a big minus for me.

In what way has that influenced your career and life?

In several ways. It has turned several stones in my career. If you can speak English very well, people will reckon with you and that is exactly what I am enjoying now.

How would you describe the situation in the industry now? Would you say it is better than what it used to be?

It is quite interesting and competitive and it is evolving day by day. It is better than what it used to be though there are still some adjustments which need to be done. But it is improving anyway.

What is the major challenge of being a broadcaster?

Nothing but to be a celebrity and how to maintain being a celebrity to make sure the name you have built for yourself is not dragged in the mud.

There is no way a man will be this famous and will not have many female admirers, how do you cope with your female admirers?

I cope. God has given me the wisdom in cope with them. Without these female admirers, we cannot be where we are today. They have been very supportive and at the same time one has to be careful with them. As they are supportive, they are as well dangerous. But with God and the wisdom He granted to me, I am coping well.

How does your wife cope with that?

I have two wives who are very understanding. They knew the nature of my job, so they cope with it and since they understand, there is no problem.

What is the top secret between you and Ambrose Somide that has made the two of you inseparable?

We tolerate ourselves and God has joined us together that no man can put asunder. Our relationship is in the interest of God. Ambrose Somide, being the elder has never flaunted ego at me and I am expected to reciprocate the respect he gives me of which I do and I thank God for blessing our relationship and He will continue to do so.

Mini Jojo still remains one of the programmes that command largest audience, what keeps it going?

It requires a lot of research and hard work. We do this to suit our audience. For example, now the audience wants to hear something that will make them happy and to encourage them in this economic trauma we’re facing in the country. With God on our side and also support from our audience, we are still going strong.


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