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‘Why I’m building 700,000 capacity cathedral for God’ – Apostle Charles Jacob

As the continual criticism of Prophet T. B. Joshua has become worrisome to the Christian community, especially following the collapse of some part of his Ikotun-Lagos church, Synagogue Church of All Nations, in a recent interview with fellow clergy, Apostle Charles Jacob, the founder of Believer’s Family Assembly cleared the air on the subject, x-raying likely reasons why he’s being criticized, his proposed 700,000 capacity cathedral and sundry issues.


Our general elections just concluded, going by your earlier prediction, peace has prevailed all over the country, even though President Jonathan lost the election. How long are we going to enjoy this seeming peace?

I’ve said it that peace is all we need and it’s only God that can grant us that much desired peace. Whoever that raises his evil thoughts to destabilize this nation will face the wrath of God, that was my prophecy and I stand by it.

Recently, we have a lot of clergy meddling with political affairs; don’t you think they are deviating from their original calling?

I cannot say you are correct because they may engage in political discourse or activities and still serve God. Second, it’s only them (individually) that know their calling from God. Like me, God specifically warned me never to meddle with politics, so there’s nothing that can take me into politics. But for some, God may call them and still give them the liberty to engage in politics. After all, Joseph in the Bible was a Prime Minister.

How do we discern a true man of God?

There is no how you can identify a true man of God by appearance. God said that those He sent, He confirms their words. You can never tell which man of God is sent by God until you see proofs; you will see lives that God used him to transform. Anointing without proof is not anointing. Not those that are out to exploit people and defraud them of their monies and possessions. Those that God sent transform lives from foundation or Holy Spirit will minister to you that ‘This one is sent of God’.

That a man of God is into politics is not enough reason to judge him, which is carnality. For instance, that Prof. Osinbajo aligned with General Buhari as his vice president doesn’t give anybody the impetus to judge him as being canal. Sometimes too, pastors can be carried away by circumstances around them and yet they are still sent by God.

How can we access an accomplished man of God?

Bishop Oyedepo, to me is an example of an ideal accomplished man of God. My seeing him in that light is not because of what he has been able to acquire over the years but by the lives he has touched through his ministry, of which I am one.

Apostle Charles Jacob

Apostle Charles Jacob

He has touched and changed lives for good. He has brought souls to God. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve not said that whoever comes to Winners must go to heaven. No. He has liberated men from the oppression of the devil. I can call him an accomplished man of God because he has touched lives, he has saved lives, he has prospered lives, destinies have changed, and visions accomplished through his ministrations.

Another person is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, he has touched lives. Also Rev. Chris Okotie and Prophet T.B Joshua, both of them have touched lives for good. There are men that have passion for God and liberated mankind. They have touched lives, they have changed lives. Not minding criticisms around them, they are still focused and determined to change lives.

Talking about T.B Joshua, most people are of the opinion that his powers are not from God as he has constantly come under criticism, most often from fellow men of God. As a man of God, have you been able to analyze him spiritually and if yes, what is your assessment of him?

T.B Joshua is not an evil man. God spoke to me in 2005 saying “I’ve given the light that makes men commanders of wealth to you (referring to himself), making you the fourth person in this nation. Bishop Oyedepo is first, followed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and then T.B Joshua”. And he said, “My son, you’re the fourth person here in Nigeria”. I heard him clearly. What about me, tongues have wagged of many unprintable allegations. There is no successful man of God that they will not accuse of one thing or the other. Whatever we possess is our faith, whatever accomplishment of God in any of His servants’ life is by anointing of the Holy Spirit.

You can’t achieve anything without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There is manifestation of the workings of Holy Spirit in the life of Prophet T.B Joshua, that’s why they are branding him evil. No evil man can give his money to the needy or care for the downtrodden.

Devil doesn’t help, he destroys and that is the mission of dark kingdom, to kill and destroy. A man that is possessed by the devil will not see widows, dwarfs, and the destitute and have compassion on them, cloth them, accommodate them, and restore their hopes. It is not possible. Forget what people are saying, we are human beings, let us look at the anointing that God has given to him and his passion for mankind.

When God called you, He showed you three accomplished men of God and told you, you’re the fourth in that order. By human assessment, materially, you’re an accomplished and very comfortable man. Now, spiritually, what plans do you have to expand your ministry to the level of your forerunners?

(Laughs) I’m not an accomplished man yet. Anyway, back to your question, in 2014, the Lord told me, “My son the hour has come to liberate the world from the oppressions of the devil”, and I asked how and He reminded me that it’s not by power or might but by His Spirit. Since the beginning of this month, signs of the manifestations of that mandate have been evident. He told me He will give me 1000 hectares of land and 700,000 sitter auditorium (cathedral) and we’re working towards it in earnest. We are not the ones that will fulfill it. Ours is to pray and put our trust in Him, preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the world and anticipating the manifestation of His promises in our lives. There is no power, strength or anointing that can enable you to accomplish the vision of God if His hands are not there. So, we’re praying hard and working hard but it’s the grace of God that brings the manifestation of His promises.

Both the 1000 hectares and 700,000 capacity cathedral is a vision but the road that leads there is where we’ve taken, not minding how long it will take to materialize but as long as the vision of Bishop Oyedepo came to pass, that of Oyakhilome came to pass, that of T.B. Joshua came to pass, I’m the fourth person according to Him and mine will surely come to pass.

What do we expect from your ministry in a couple of years from now?

Very soon we will be having evangelism programme all over the world because God said it is time to liberate the world from the oppression of the devil. Bible says there was a time Elisha was under training, pouring water upon Elijah’s hand until his time came. We’ve poured water into the hands of Elijah in the past seven years, our time is now and we are set to launch out. Maybe this year the world must begin to hear our voice, liberating men and women of our generation from the oppression of the devil, bringing out men from darkness to light, teaching them to serve God in spirit and in truth, serving God with passion and love.

Why are men of God often criticized?

The reason is that most men of God don’t understand what anointing means. Anointing is the function of the Holy Spirit in man. If a man of God is not filled with Holy Spirit, I know, if he feigns it, I would know because I have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Not every man of God has the ability of the Holy Spirit. Remember, it’s not every pastor that is sent by God. Those that are sent by God usually face persecution. A man that is sent by God preaches undiluted gospel. When you sit under his ministration, you will know he is truly sent by God. People may not like his message but he speaks the mind of God, a message of truth. He will not be possessed by asking people to sow seeds, to bring this or that tithe. In the book of Exodus, God said “Moses, speak to the children of Israel to give and to sow of their willing heart, they received rewards from God. It is not in the place of a pastor to force people to give.

Is a man of God supposed to be poor?

No. A man of God is not supposed to be poor. For instance, there is a man of God called Kenneth Copland. As at 1996, he had already dashed out 26 aircraft that he sowed into people’s lives.

God never said His servants or His children should be poor. In the book of 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

Whoever that condemns a man of God because he is prospering is an agent of darkness. Poverty cannot finish in the land, a pastor that is sent to change lives and the people do not believe they should do the will of God, is it the pastor’s fault that they chose to remain in their strangulation and bondage. But people would come from far and wide to get their healings and breakthroughs from the same man of God while the people closer to him don’t believe him, because the devil does not want them to partake in the anointing of the man of God, why then should they criticize the man if he is prospering.


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