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Why many don’t support cattle colonies

The carnage by herdsmen across the country who kill and maim as they destroy farmlands is the source of outrage among Nigerians. And as solutions are sought to end the atrocities, not many accept the cattle colonies option.

Said to be a collection of ranches across states with infrastructure and land provided by government at a subsidised rate, it’s largely criticised by Nigerians suspicious of a dark agenda.
And here are the fears and reasons against cattle colonies…

Obinna Aligwekwe

If citizens of a state have reservations about future cattle colonies to be placed in their localities, such reservation is VALID and should not be suppressed.

Let the Federal Government go to states open to the idea of cattle colonies and locate them there.

No governor has the right to unilaterally accept location of cattle colonies in his state without broadly consulting his people on all the technicalities involved.

These Herdsmen do not deserve any trust.

Like I said earlier, it is even a travesty and an abuse on the dead that people are not facing the hangman over the recent mass killings.



Abia Vincent Chidozie

The question I keep asking is will business colonies be built for hardworking Igbo traders and businessmen in different parts of the country? And why can’t these herdsmen buy land legally for their ranches? Why has it become a federal government project?


Illuminite Samuel

If there must be cattle colonies outside Fulani territories, then there must also be pig, dogs and goats colonies across the country.

Sambisa forest needs habitation. Fulani herdsmen go about with expensive weapons, so I think their cousins and friends in Sambisa will constitute no threat to them there.

Cattle rearing is a private business, and if the herdsmen want lands or colonies, we all know the processes involved in the acquisition of land in this country. Let it not be because a hausa man is the president we are talking about colonies for herdsmen. It this happens, believe me, when someone from the south becomes the president, those from the south will also demand colonies and special waivers for their private businesses.

If Buhari is a man of integrity and honesty, he should advise the herdsmen to acquire cattle colonies using the sweat of their own brow.

Our mumu don do


Obari Gomba

Dear Buhari, cattle colonies? That is the objective of the herdsmen. We know that their objective is to colonize territories and convert those territories to cattle colonies. That is the reason for all their bloodthirsty expeditions. Is your government going to give a Certificate of Conquest to the herdsmen? That is what it means to adopt cattle colonies as policy of state.


Joy Amadi

The question is, what happened to the massive expanse of land the north claim to have in Sokoto, Kano, Zamfara, Katsina and Borno States? Middle Belt and Southern Senators should as a matter of urgency propose a bill to repel land use act.

For God’s sake, why should Federal Government be sponsoring personal business that belong to the Fulani?

No tribe is superior to the other.

Thank you Governor Ortom.


Paschal Odiamehi Aghidi

So Pharaoh called them to Aso Rock to negotiate how their cows will colonize Benue people?

They really said devil does not give up. It should be clear to Benue people where the killing is coming from. It’s not about cows, it’s about territorial control and land grabbing. Benue people should not fall for Fulani intimidation. They should keep the land for their children their own fathers kept for them. They should not be Esau.


Dele Oni

The states that are ready to accommodate the colonies should be used as a pilot scheme. If it succeeds, nobody will need to preach to the adamant states to follow suit. Having cattle colonies in 36 states and FCT in one fell swoop will be too cumbersome to implement bearing in mind our penchant for painlessness


Arewa Samson

But these people are wicked, after the mass killing in benue state, they still want cattle colonies in that state, no it’s unfair, Mr president you must fear God.


Ahmed Mohammed Ndayebo

No land for cattle colonies in our state, Benue leaders tells Buhari

Breaking News: Then Expect more attacks.

Una go tell me if na una Papa created the land or almighty GOD


Humphrey Nwauzor

Where will the land come from. The time of reckoning is here. There should be no compromise of any sort. They should go back and harness the enormous potentials they have in those vast lands all over them. The grassland over there is inexhaustible, so the herders are only trying to carry out a clandestine plan hidden in the agenda of their masters.


Awawa Eka-Enang

We are more than 200 ethnic groups in Nigeria. If one tribe feels it’s their right to continue killing other tribes just because the Jihadist, Othman Danfodio succeeded in early 19th century, is not logical and far more mutually beneficial that the other 200+ tribes should come together and eliminate this one known evil tribe in our midst. Certainly, they don’t have monopoly of violence. Time to fight back is now and turning the other cheek is a disastrous ideology in our present circumstances. The time to rewrite our history is now and the message must be sent very clearly to Danfodio and his warriors now.


Dabu Mike

What do u expect from skeleton that has no heart nor eyes or ears to hear or see how Benue people are suffering, And for one eye man that don’t see complete image of anything,the interpretation in his brain is same, But de best thing is that Benue people stood on their decision, let them use cow and colonize their fellow brother from chad or Niger simple


Eyuche Okpala

What about the sambisa forest. Let the government allocate it to them so that the issue of sambisa forest and Boko Haram will b a thing of the past.


Joseph Boniface

Sambisa forest is vast enough for their colonies, thank you Mr Governor no room for such in Benue state. It’s a planned program. They want to use carrots / stick approach, stand firm we are with you in this and together we will conquer our common enemies


Uzoh Olisaemeka

I believe cattle rearing is an Individual business u shouldn’t expect dey government 2 provide u guys wit a whole 10 Hectares of land? Dis foolani’s re so demonic




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