Why many join jungle justice mayhem

Manslaughter in Ikorodu

Many easily join jungle justice mayhem as they allow momentary hysteria overtake their sense of justice and fairness.

They beat, clobber and burn suspects without caring about the law.
Why do so many easily risk their freedom or life for minutes of mayhem? compiles reasons many participate in jungle justice:
1. When law enforcers appear to have abdicated their duty of ensuring security of lives and property. 
And thugs and hoodlums have a field day as they torment, maim and kill without being stopped or apprehended.
2. Even when apprehended, justice is not done or seen to have been done. 
Suspects are easily left by the Police or freed by the courts.
And they go about commiting more atrocities.
3. When the nature of crime is horrendous and heartless. 
Those subjected to the terror easily think they are discouraging the attacks by dispensing instant justice as the nature of crime is unbelievably cruel.
4. Illiteracy and thoughtlessness.
Those without proper education, unaware that there are punishments for assault, involuntary manslaughter and murder are quick to participate in jungle justice.
And even those educated enough join as they forget themselves in the momentary hysteria.
5. Frustration occasioned by mental health problems. 
Many are so frustrated and sick that they get a high from participating in jungle justice.
Seeing blood, causing grievous bodily harm and splashing petrol on suspects does not scare or demean them.

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