Why men are raping minors (2)

Rape, a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another without that person’s consent, is now common in Nigeria. Often carried out by physical force, coercion, or abuse of authority, rape of minors who are by law incapable of valid consent is now frequently reported.

So disturbing is the incidence of rapes and sexual molestation of persons below the legal age of consent that parents, civil society groups and society at large are urging authorities to save children from pedophiles. 

It is in the light of the above that ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of Nigerians on the abominable crime now ravaging our cities…


boviIncrease in rape of minors is caused by the fact that it has been ignored or swept under the carpet over the years. Education at an early stage for young people should be encouraged. Sexual education should be introduced as a subject in guidance and counselling or social studies.

Spicing of his private part with curry and onions and roasting it with a lighter, then serve him to eat should be the appropriate punishment.



Easy Lizzy What I think is responsible for the increased incident of rape of minors is madness. What I think can curb the menace is making laws and policies that prevent and control sexual assault and violence against children and young girls with heavy penalty.

This also should reflect in police training and an appropriate allocation of resources to the police, with priority given to investigating cases of sexual assault, and in the resources made available to support victims and provide medico-legal services.

The culprit should be paraded naked on the street before giving him a long jail term with hard labour.


I think our cultural values play a great role to a large extent. By this, I mean, the aspect of our culture which attributes respect and regard for elderly ones. Most minors tend to fall victim to rape because of intimidation by the older persons, and the fact that their mind has been programmed to obey and respect their elders is a major problem. I am not saying it’s bad to respect elders but what I am saying is that most rapists capitalise on this to manipulate their victims.

Most parents should give their kids sex education at early age because children of today develop fast. They should be very real with them. They should be incarcerated for minimum of five years.

Uti-Nwachukwu-1UTI NWACHUKWU

Spiritually, it is evil and what the devil likes to do is to crush the heart of little children because the devil likes to depress those that God loves.

Mentally, I still do not understand why people engage in stuffs like that. I think it is a mental disease and needs adequate attention. From a spiritual angle, such people need to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour because He conquers all things. They also need medical help, psycho evaluation and counselling.

The government needs to proffer medical solutions and treatment. They also need to enforce some strict laws to teach others.

luxsylviaudeoguSYLVIA UDOGWU

Basically, it is spiritual for a very old person to rape young ones. As for the youths, it is called joblessness because if there are job opportunities in the country, such evil act would not happen neither would they have the time to think of such.

The government should provide job for youths and get spiritual help for those who are cursed to settle for such. They should be jailed for life and if that appears to be a light judgment, death by hanging should be recommended immediately so that others would have their manhood in their pants.


I think it is just the stupid act of men. Some also do it for rituals. To curb it, capital punishment should be meted to offenders.

The punishment must be a capital one, life imprisonment. It should not be pardonable in any way. For rape of minors to be curbed, the punishment must be enforced seriously.


I don’t know what is responsible but I am not sure those who do it are mentally balanced. I think there should be adult education and sexual orientation on the dangers of rape for victims and rapists.

I recommend life imprisonment for culprits.


It is because our moral set-up as a people have gone down drastically. Nowadays, people commit crime recklessly. We should start from the home. Most family set-up are not proper.

The full weight of the law should be applied to deter others.


I think it is a spiritual problem because I can’t imagine a grown man thinking of having sex with underaged girls. Culprits should be punished and parents should also monitor their children’s movement.

The appropriate punishment should be jail term, as prescribed by the law.


It is the sign of the end time. Parents should keep watch over their children, especially the girls. I think government should also make stronger law against rape and other forms of sexual abuses.


Yes, our men are now raping minors! And something should be done about it. There is the need for orientation on the evil of rape.

There should also be capital punishment for offenders.

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