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Why militants postponed declaration of Niger Delta Republic


Nigerians waited patiently for what August 1 would bring after one of the militant groups in Nigeria, the Adaka Boro Avengers (ABA) on Sunday, July 17, 2016, issued a three-week notice of its intention to declare the Niger Delta as a Republic come August 1. However, the group, Adaka Boro Avengers, through a spokesperson, ‘General’ Edmos Ayayeibo said on Sunday July 31, 2016, that the plan to declare the Niger Delta territory a Republic has been cancelled but that would not in any way stop them their mission to destabilize Nigeria’s economy.

A part of a statement issued by the group’s spokesperson, ‘General’ Edmos Ayayeibo reads : “We received calls from prominent leaders like, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Mrs. Ankio Briggs, Chief. E. K. Clark and especially King Alfred Diete Spiff calling on the freedom fighters to abort their mission to declare Niger Delta Republic.

“Will not stop until the Nigerian government is ready to sit on a round-table to dialogue and to restructure Nigeria.”

According to Leader of the group, ‘General’ Goddey, the ABA group clamour for region independent was not for selfish reasons and the appeals from elders and respected people of the area prompted their decision to abort the plan. In his words: “the Nigerian government has enslaved…the people of Niger Delta region.

“We adhere to the voice of our people, because our struggle is for the Niger Delta people and not for selfish reason. But this is not the end. More is yet to come.

“Our mission to cripple the economy of the Nigerian nation will not stop until the Nigerian government is ready to sit on a roundtable to dialogue and to restructure the Nigeria.

“Unless that, we will not stop until Nigeria becomes a zero economy. We are also saying this for the benefit of President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerian government to stop wasting their time with those greedy fellows that call themselves MEND because nothing good will come out of them rather than sabotage.

“Those old fools cannot stop us and they know it very well. We know what they are after is all about stipends.

“Everything they are saying, not even one will be accomplished. We will never agree with anything they say and henceforth MEND should watch their back because we have tolerated them for a very long time.

“Enough is enough, since they want to set confusion in the Niger Delta we will start from them.”

The ABA group which is regarded as an affiliate of the dreaded Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) in her earlier threat ordered all northerners and people of the South West to vacate its territory.

– ‘Seyifunmi Adebote for

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