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‘Why Nigerian artistes sing only about boobs and backsides’ – Oludo

Nigerian-born Cairo-based Goriola Olumide Ajibade, better known as Oludo, is an afro-singer and gifted song-writer. He started music as soon as he learnt of his passion for the art and in his words, he aims to inspire, entertain, promote good values, ignite joy and ultimately give God his best through his music.
ENCOMIUM Weekly caught the I Pray crooner, who is signed onto BMG Records (Nigeria), and he spoke on his music, his unique persona and why artistes sing about ladies…



Tell us about your new song, Murda was the case?
Murda was the case is a special song that speaks about a true African woman and her features. Real African women are well endowed and are curvaceous. The song celebrates such women and of course every African woman regardless of her size or shape.
So, a real African woman is that woman with curves?
You know now, real African woman with big things that catch the eye.
Those must be the kind of women you like?
Not at all, I don’t have a preference personally. I love ladies of all sizes and shapes. I don’t discriminate.
Some are of the opinion that Nigerian artistes these days have nothing else to sing about than boobs and backsides?
I want to believe that it’s because that is what is in vogue in. I have songs that speak about different things. I have songs that are prophetic and full of prayers. I sing about life, about my experiences and many other things. But as an artiste, you have to know what is trending and what the people want and give it to them, So, that’s why you have Murda was the case now.
Being a fast tempo song, is it more for the clubbing crowd?
I would say the song is pretty danceable. It sounds a bit like the Shoki that everyone is dancing to now, but it isn’t Shoki. Mine is different but you can still dance Shoki to it.
I guess a video would follow soon?
Definitely! By end of October we should have a video for the song and fans should watch out for that video because it will feature the kind of girls they only fantasize about.
Before this single, how many songs have you released?
Just one, I pray. I’m sure you must have seen the video on Sound City, Hip TV and all over. The song made the way people appreciate it and this is a signal that I am doing something right.
But I Pray sounds like a song of prayer even though it isn’t really a prayer song?
You are right, it’s not a prayer song. It’s just a slang but it makes a lot of sense and you will agree with me.
You are a Nigerian artiste based in Cairo, Egypt how do you manage your music career if you are not in Nigeria to go to shows, appear on television, grant interviews and all that?
I am based in Cairo for now but that can change anytime. I come to Lagos anytime I need to, so, that is not going to be a problem. I can always fly in to do shows and all other commitments. I am always available. I also plan to eventually come back home to stay when the time is right. I just finished school in Cairo.
Do you have plans to do collaborations with any artiste?
I’m trying to get on a track with Olamide, Phyno, 2Face and Dbanj. I have already recorded songs with the likes of Flavour and Eminic that will be released in due time. Fans should just watch out because I’m working hard behind the scene to make sure anything I drop blows their mind.
Do you write your songs or you get others to do that yourself?
I write all my songs and sometimes I freestyle on them.
People say music industry goes hand in hand with drugs. Others say you artistes take drugs before you get inspiration to write songs. How true is this?
I want to disagree with that. I don’t smoke at all. Even the alcohol I take is very minimal, I don’t drink much despite being an artiste. I also know a number of artistes who don’t do drugs and are doing well. So, I don’t agree with you.
How about women, do you womanize?
(Laughs) I don’t even have a girlfriend at the moment. I’m single but not searching.
Okay, lets talk about your looks. Can you explain your locks and blings or are you trying to look like Terry G?
I love blings so much. That is what you won’t see me without. I’ve been a fan of gold accessories since I was much younger. I don’t want to look like anybody because it’s cool being me. I am Oludo. This is my style really, I’m not like Terry G.
So, what does your name Oludo mean?
It’s from my name, Olumide, that’s what my friends call me right from time.


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