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Why Nigerian men don’t use condom

A new study found that many men in Nigeria do not use condom during sex!  Rather than wear a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS, they would rather take a chance and deal with the consequences.

The study was carried out by the Society for Family Health (SFH), producers of Gold Circle Condom.  Their Managing Director, Mr. Bright Ekweremadu revealed that eight out of ten Nigerian men do not use condom.  According to their report, 80 per cent of the 1.8 billion sexual activities in Nigeria yearly take place without a condom.  He further stated that if every sexual act in Nigeria is protected with condoms, no supplier in the world will be able to provide the quantity of condoms Nigerians would need.

He said their research showed that young Nigerians between 18 and 34 in the cities of Lagos and Abuja make the highest use of condoms, and also that there are so many cases of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies reported yearly because of people’s refusal to use condoms.  He also said their research showed that women don’t insist on condoms.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to some youths on their views about unprotected sex.  A large percentage of them believe that sex without condom is very enjoyable.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

Because sex is more enjoyable without condom.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

I think they enjoy it more without condom, forgetting that it’s not safe without it.

Do you think sex is more enjoyable without condom?

No, it’s not.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

I think guys don’t use condom because they feel it is more satisfying, and it also makes them feel attached emotionally sort of, with the partner which definitely makes it more enjoyable.

Do you think sex is more enjoyable without condom?

No, I don’t.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

For good sexual satisfaction.

Do you think sex without condom is more enjoyable?

Yes, it is.  Skin meets skin.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

With condom you can’t do all the styles and positions. It hinders you from having maximum fun.

Do you think sex is more enjoyable without condom?

Yes, it is.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

Apart from the fact that with condom sex is not much enjoyable, it makes action too long.  I could go on for hours with a condom which gets tiresome and boring.


Why do you think men don’t use condoms?

Sex without condom is obviously sweeter than with it, so that’s why some men don’t use it.


Why do you think men don’t use condom?

Obviously, sex is more enjoyable without condom.  I think men don’t use it because we feel it might hinder our momentum when starting the process of love making.


– And how to counter them

LADIES hear all sorts of reasons why their boyfriends don’t want to wear condoms.  Condom is necessary, especially if you’re having casual sex.  It offers the best protection from STD including HIV, and also unwanted pregnancies.  No matter the excuse, any guy who does not wear a condom is actually not serious and shouldn’t be accepted by the lady.

ENCOMIUM Weekly compiled a list of excuses men give so as not to wear a condom, and we also proffered the proper response to such excuses.

1  If he says: “It ruins the mood”

Tell him: “Not using a condom puts me off.”

2  If he says: “Flesh is sweeter”

Tell him: “It’s sweeter when we’re both protected.”

3 If he says: “If you really love me, you should trust me.”

Tell him: “It is because I love you, I want us protected.”

4 If he says: “Condoms can break.”

Tell him: “If we’re careful, it won’t break.”

5 If he says: “But you’re on contraceptives.”

Tell him: “A pill won’t protect us from STDs we may not know we have.”

6  If he says: “I’m clean, I’ve been tested.”

Tell him: “Let’s use a condom to stay clean.”

7  If he says: “I promise, I’ll pull out.”

Tell him: “You’ll enjoy it too much and forget to pull out.”

8  If he says: “You’re on the pill, it’s fine.”

Tell him: “We need to be sure, it’s fine.”

9  If he says: “I don’t have one right now.”

Don’t tell him anything, just get dressed.

10  If he says: “Don’t you trust me?”

Tell him: “I trust you, but I don’t trust me.”




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