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Tax forms the bulk of revenue to all levels of government. But here in Nigeria, citizens and even corporate Nigeria are reluctant to discharge this civic responsibility. We asked what is responsible for this unpatriotic trend and how it could be curbed.

‘Government should first make maximum use of the funds’- KUYE ABDULKABEER
Yes, it’s about selfishness on the part of the payers and corruption on the part of the authorities. We fear that even when we pay, the tendency that the authorities would squander it, like they’ve been squandering the other revenues is still there.
Government should first utilize the funds with them in providing ‘dividends of democracy’, increase awareness for the need to pay tax, and they should wait and see the magic this would do.

‘The money is probably being diverted to someone’s pocket’ – AJOKE ABDURRASAQ
Yes, Nigerians don’t want to pay tax because we’re not seeing the results. The money is probably being diverted to someone’s pocket. If the people can see the result of their money, they’ll be encouraged to pay. In countries where they have standard roads, hospitals, water supply, electricity and housing, the citizens are paying their tax. It’s even a criminal offence for not paying tax, and it’s justifiable.
‘Government should step up their responsibility’ – AKINTADE OLANIYI
Yes, there are many defaulters. As a chartered accountant most companies default because they want to balance their books, take home more money which is very wrong. In developed countries, companies or individuals first remove tax before profit, government rely on this tax to provide basic infrastructure to the state.
There are government monitoring teams responsible for this, they should step up their work. The auditors we have around that audit companies’ books should also be sincere about their work. Business owners and individuals should also be sincere, they should be good citizens and pay their tax.

‘Insincerity on the part of company owners and individuals’ – OLUWASEUN OTOLORIN
Yes, the other day, Minister of Finance, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala revealed that there are some companies that are defaulting in tax, this is really alarming.
Insincerity on the part of company owners and individuals. Most Nigerians can pay tithe in church but they can’t pay their tax, which is worrisome. More enlightenment should reach out to the public just as the Lagos state government is doing.

‘People don’t feel like paying their tax again’ – BANKE ADEWUNMI
Yes, some people are still reluctant concerning the issue of tax payment. They don’t feel like paying their tax again. I believe such people are not patriotic at all. No matter what, nobody has any reason to dodge his or her civic responsibility unless such a person is not patriotic.
Although, the government at the federal level is not encouraging Nigerians enough. People are not enjoying the dividends of democracy. Nigeria is not well governed. That’s one of the reasons people are no longer awake to their civic responsibilities as citizens.

‘Nigerians still need to be educated’ – LARRY OWOJORI
I don’t think people are reluctant to pay tax. May be, they don’t enjoy the value for their money, that’s why they are doing that. I think our governments at all levels should embark on sensitization, using all the media including social media networks. I believe Nigerians still need to be educated on the issue of tax.

‘I don’t think Nigerians are reluctant to pay their tax’ – TUVI JAMES
I don’t think Nigerians are reluctant to pay tax. We pay our tax as at when due except in some isolated cases. Those who are reluctant to pay may be protesting the fact that nothing is done with their money. Some are also outrightly fraudulent.
Government should regularly educate the people on the need to be patriotic. It is also important to advise government to spend money raised from citizens judiciously.

‘Many also feel that nothing is being done with their tax’ – PRESH
Yes, Nigerians are reluctant to pay tax. Maybe they don’t love their fatherland. Many also feel that nothing is being done with their tax money. Government should be more responsible.

‘Sensitization is the solution, I think’ – PROMISE NWACHUKWU
Why should we pay taxes when we provide for ourselves social services which the government is ordinarily supposed to provide us, such as power, water, security, access road, sewage and wastage disposal and a host of others.
It is our civic responsibility. Yes! but you can’t blame people who do not pay. Besides, most people do not even know the tax rate. Sensitization is the solution, I think.

‘It is for the betterment of the lot of the people’ – NDUKWE IGWE
You mean we should pay tax to politicians we don’t trust. To civil servants who would certainly embezzle tax payers’ money, as they do with oil money. No! We can’t do that. Besides, what difference does the source of funds make when they have control over the treasury at federal, state and local levels.
We know that in saner climes, it is for the betterment of the people, but in our case, it is for self-aggrandizement. Trust should be restored within the government. Then we can gladly pay taxes.

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