Why Nigerians prefer cheap and functioning phones (2)


Time when mobile phones are known for low reputation and poor quality are gone. Today, the smartphone market has improved in quality and features. Smartphones of Chinese make account for one-third of the global smartphones market, though they were considered to be of low quality and standard. But lately, the competition in the smartphone market paved way for good quality Chinese smartphones which Nigerians now prefer to the conventional ones like Samsung, Iphone, HTC… because Chinese smartphones are relatively affordable.

Chinese brands of android smartphones includes Infinix, Xiaomi, Levono, Tecno, Huawei, Malata and a host of others dominate Nigeria’s smartphone market today.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of Nigerians on their preferred smartphone make and why many people now purchase cheap and functioning instead of the conventional ones.


MRS. OSHITOYE DEBORAH – No matter how cheap and functioning those Chinese brands are, they can’t be compared to iphone or Samsung. I love good and meaningful mobile phones. Although a lot of people believe those cheap phones have the same functions, they are not. iphone, for instance, has some cool features that can’t be found on any how smartphone. No matter how cheap those Chinese smartphones are, I can’t buy them because I don’t trust those brands.


PETER OMONIYI – As widely known, a reasonable number of Nigerians live with low budget daily. This makes them prefer cheaper smartphones like Chinese brands. I also prefer cheap phones but only the ones with upgraded functions.

Many Nigerians, like myself now purchase phones like Tecno, Gionee, Infinix and the rest just because of the affordability. Phones like Apple iphone, Samsung and HTC cost a lot of money, most average Nigerians can’t just afford them.


FEHINTOLA OGUNRONBI – For me, why buy the expensive gadgets when another phone for less than half the price would also meet my needs. I have never bought a phone for more than N50,000. I have a lot of smartphones freaks as friend. They purchase phones of any amount. I remember a friend bought Blackberry Porche for more than N200,000. When she told me, I was shocked. It’s too much to spend just on a smartphone.


JANET MOMOH – I don’t really like Chinese phone brands that people buy nowadays. I prefer to spend my money on IOS and phones with better and advanced functions. The phone I can’t stop using for now is Apple iphone. I wouldn’t say the phone is perfect but it’s close to it. I have no interest in Tecno, Inifinix, Gionee and others like that. Though a lot of people said they serve the same functions with advanced and expensive phones for me, I disagree.


DOLAPO BROWN – I don’t fancy expensive phones. The main aim of using all these phones is to make calls, text messages and surf the internet. Since I have cheaper phones of N15,000 to N20,000 that can do all that for me, why going for expensive ones that will equally serve the same purpose.

Another thing is, I’m a very careless person. I don’t know how to handle gadgets. This is one of the reasons why I can’t waste my money buying expensive phones of N100,000 and above. What if the phone gets stolen the next day? I can’t spend my money on those expensive phones.


MORENIKEJI TALABI – I don’t think those Chinese phone brands are cheap and affordable. They have devices that sell for more than N50,000. Although not all their devices, most of those phones from China are cheap but not all. I prefer those phones that have fantastic features that satisfy everything I need in a phone.

The latest trend is to purchase latest gadgets from Apple, Samsung and all that but I don’t fall for those trends. I buy whatever my money can afford. I don’t even see any special feature in those expensive phones, I count it as a waste of money.


ALIMAT BUSARI – For me, I love those expensive phones but I can’t just purchase them with my money. I remember one of my colleagues at work bought an iphone 6 for about N130,000. After using the phone for two months, he was charging it one rainy day and thunder struck which affected the socket which the phone was plugged. This is how the phone became a story. We took the phone for repair but we were told the phone was dead. This is why I can’t purchase those phones not that I don’t like them.


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