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Why orgasm feels so good

A new study explains what happens when our body reaches orgasm. Adam Safron, a Neuroscientist from the Northwestern University, Illinois, USA, reveals how periodic stimulation modifies brain activity.

Sexual stimulation pinpoints our neurons in a way that we get dazed, blocking out everything and focus strongly on the feeling alone.

According to Dr. Safron, ‘Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection, but beyond that, it’s actually an altered state of consciousness.’

We concentrate so much that we ignore our feelings and what’s happening around us.

Dr. Safron also noted that orgasm is focused on neural bases of sexual preferences. He found similarities linking sexual climax, seizures, music and dance. Noting that these four occupy the brain’s sensory channels with rhythmic inputs.

‘Synchronization is important for signal propagation in the brain, because neurons are more likely to fire if they are stimulated multiple times within a narrow window of time. Otherwise, the signals decay as part of a general resetting mechanism, rather than sum together.

‘This then caused me to hypothesize that rhythmic entertainment is the primary mechanism by which orgasmic thresholds are surpassed,’ he said.

He also encouraged people to focus more on the rhythmic aspects of sexuality, adding that it could improve sexual satisfaction.



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