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Why people get stuck during sex

Stories of lovers’ genitals getting stuck during sex are becoming common on social media with tales of juju attributed to the scenario.

Usually, those stuck are illicit lovers. A lover sleeping with a married woman!

But the sensational occurrence is new to science and called ‘penis captivus’, but reported in historical accounts dating back centuries.

The vagina practically clamps on the penis as a result of muscle spasm, and the lovers are stuck. The woman has vaginismus (sometimes called vaginism or genito-pelvic pain disorder).

The sufferers of vaginismus are in pains when anything penetrates their vagina, and the spasm is involuntary.

The degree of vaginismus varies in sufferers as there are primary and secondary conditions.


Here are some of the causes of vaginismus:

  1. Inflammation of the vagina called vulvar vestibulitis.
  2. Urinary tract infection and vaginal yeast infection.
  3. Sexual abuse (rape or attempted rape and sexual assault).
  4. Domestic violence.
  5. Stress, anxiety, negative view of sex.
  6. Lack of trust.
  7. Self consciousness of body.
  8. Fear of large penis.
  9. Perception of small vagina.
  10. Fear of detection.


The conditions are basically psychological and physical.


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