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K1 De Ultimate

+ Denies fighting Bisola Badmus over K1

STAR actress, Dayo Amusa, a.k.a Dewunmi Iberu has shed light on her true relationship with fuji king, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe, otherwise known as K1 de Ultimate.  She also defended her role at the weddings of the music icon’s daughters recently at his palatial residence in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.  The famous thespian, who also runs a crèche in Surulere, Lagos, insisted that K1 remains her father, and no strings attached.  According to her, it’s also a senseless rumour that she is fighting her colleague, Bisola Badmus over the wealthy musician.

The pretty role interpreter also opened up on other issues when she spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly from United Kingdom on Saturday, March 29, 2014…

What’s the latest from the stable of Dayo Amusa?

The latest is that I am working on releasing my last movie, Unforgiveable on DVD.  It was only shown at the cinema, but very soon, it will be on DVD.  Also, I am working on a new project, My Shadow. It’s also going to be a bang. I am yet to finalise the cast.  But I have in mind to include two Ghanaian actors, two actors from English movie genre while the rest will come from Yoruba sector of the industry.

What informed the title?

It has a lot to do with the story itself. It’s like one seeing the shadow of oneself.  You can’t run away from your shadow.  You can’t run away from who you are.  It’s a very interesting story.

With Bimbo Thomas and Fathia Williams at one of the weddings

With Bimbo Thomas and Fathia Williams at one of the weddings

But most of your fans expected that your last movie, Unforgiveable, could have been premiered in the UK as well after Nigerian episode just as you did in the case of Dewunmi Iberu, a couple of years back…

Yes, it’s not a bad idea.  We have large fan base abroad, especially in UK, US and United Arab Emirates but I have my reason for not premiering Unforgiveable abroad this time around.  I premiered few of my movies in the UK including Dewunmi Iberu just as you said.  So, I am not ruling out the likelihood of premiering my new job there.

Let’s talk about your crèche, PayDab, what’s the development?

It’s doing fine.  It’s growing.  We’re recording tremendous increase in enrolment.  Now, I am seriously working on a new branch on the Island.  That will be between Lekki and Chevron area of Lagos.

Would you say the business is lucrative?

Yes, of course.  Although it takes a lot of things to set up a business like that, you need to have children’s play ground, learning equipment, toys and all that.  It’s capital intensive.  And for you to run it to international standard, you need millions of naira.  For instance, most of the toys were imported from Germany, US, UAE and all that.  The one in Surulere, Lagos gulped about N5m. Automatically, the branch on the Island is going to cost far above N5 million.  It’s very expensive to run but what’s important is to feel fulfilled that you’re doing something you love to do.

How have you been juggling your career and running the crèche all this while without one affecting the other?

God has made everything possible.  Also, I am just the proprietor.  I have people working with me.  They are the ones taking care of so many things.  But anytime I am not on location, I will be at the crèche.

What’s your staff strength now?

At the moment, I have 12 staffers.  And they are all doing well.

People said you’re one of the richest actresses right now, we mean, in the Yoruba movie genre…

(Cuts in) Who are the people saying so? I am just thanking God o!

But what’s the secret of your success?

Everybody is aware of the fact that I am a workaholic.  I am not just a kind of person that sits down and gets things to be done for her. I get up to get things done.

A lot of people expect you to have found Mr. Right, what’s causing the delay?

Nothing is delaying anything. It’s my life, and I have the right to choose the way I live it.  People should just mind their business.

How old are you now?

I am a full blown adult. What do you want to do with my age?

A couple of weeks back, K1 de Ultimate staged classy weddings for three of his daughters, and you played a very important role.  Since then, speculations have been rife that there must be something you’re hiding from the public between you and the popular fuji musician. What’s your reaction to this?

Left to me, I wouldn’t like to react to this kind of question anymore because it’s more like a dead issue. It doesn’t have any meaning to me again.  This issue has been on ground since 2011, when I launched my movie, Dewunmi Iberu.  That was the time K1 performed, forgetting that I am not the only actress or actor the man had played for.  Recently, he performed at Murphy Afolabi’s movie premiere.  The question is, is he also sleeping with Murphy Afolabi?  So, some people are just not alright upstairs.  K1 is happily married. I respect him and his wife.  I saw a good father in him, likewise he saw a good daughter in me.  But once they don’t understand the kind of relationship between you and a man, they start insinuating what’s far from the truth.  Fine, they said I played an important role at his daughters’ wedding.  They forgot I wasn’t the only one invited to play a role.  I don’t even know what was so important in what I did.

I don’t need to be repeating myself.  He is a father to me, and I respect him a lot.  He has not disrespected himself before me, and I have also not disrespected myself before him. So, if he is doing something, and I am invited just the way I was at the events they’re talking about, I must play my part well.  Besides, I wasn’t the only daughter he invited. A lot of us were there, even adopted ones.  So, I wasn’t the only one that stood as his daughter during the week-long ceremonies. I have known K1 to be very nice, and I respect him for that.  People should just let me rest.  Alhaji invited a lot of celebrities to his daughters’ weddings, and I was contacted to entertain all the actors and actresses, which was exactly what I did on his behalf.  So, what’s so special about that?  How can that be fuelling unnecessary speculation about myself and him?  Some people are just jobless. I don’t know what their problem is. If since 2011 people have been insinuating we’re dating, are we not supposed to be tired of each other?  Just because they don’t understand the true relationship between us, that’s why they keep peddling useless rumour.  They are just disturbing their brains over what is not. But my conclusion is that whoever that thinks my way of life is a problem to him or her should vacate the earth surface and stay six feet underneath.

But there is this tale that you and Bisola Badmus are not in good terms because of K1?

That’s a senseless rumour.  Why can we be fighting over K1?  Both of us are colleagues.  Bisola is my very good colleague.  We may not be close friends but we talk and relate very well.  We even communicated about three days ago. She is also my friend on BB, we chat from time to time.  Whatever that may be going on between her and K1 is none of my business.  They are adults. People should please not drag my name into what has nothing to do with me.


‘There is no animosity between me and DAYO AMUSA over K1’  –  BISOLA BADMUS


Bisola Badmus

ENCOMIUM Weekly also sought the reaction of Bisola Badmus on her alleged feud with Dayo Amusa over fuji lord, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe, better addressed as K1, who she claimed is the father of her baby, Malik Ayinde Marshal, the ebony skinned actress reacted, “There is no iota of truth in that story.  Dayo Amusa is like a daughter to K1.  There is absolutely nothing between the two of them.  Dayo and I are friends and colleagues.  We speak on phone regularly.  Even, she is my BB friend.  We just talked a few days ago.  Besides, what are we fighting for?  I am saying it authoritatively that in the whole industry, I am the only actress who has a baby for K1. I mean in both English and Yoruba movie genres.  But if by tomorrow the man decides to marry more of us, he is free because he has all it takes to marry many wives.  K1 is very loving, caring and generous.  He is comfortable enough to marry many wives. My prayer for him is that may Allah give him long life and sound health so that he can be our father and husband for long.  So, once again, there is no substance in that story.  People just fabricated it to cause disaffection between the two of us.”


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