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Why ‘play boys’ feel more lonely and unhappy

New research suggests that young men who are ‘play boys’ or have control over women are prone to serious emotional problems. They are found to feel lonely and unhappy.

11 traits in particular linked to loneliness and depression were looked at in the study.  The traits included violence, emotional control and having casual sex frequently.

These three were the most possible traits that leads to poor mental health, independence  and control over women.

According to lead research at the Indiana University Bloomington, USA, Dr. Y.Joel Wong, , “Individuals who conformed strongly to masculine norms tend to have poorer mental health and less favourable attitudes toward seeking psychological help, although the results differed depending on specific types of masculine norms.

“An excessive focus on work can be harmful to one’s health and interpersonal relationships, but work is also a source of meaning for many individuals,” he noted.

Researchers concluded that the risk-taking norm was just as likely to benefit men’s mental health as destroy it.

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