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Why second hand clothes and shoes are more popular than ever

The mad rush for Okrika popularly known as Akube has been on the rise since the economic downturn began. Hardly would one get to a street without sighting a place to buy second-hand clothes. spoke with Nigerians on why second-hand clothes are still popular…


Susan Joseph

The economic situation is the major contributor to the popularity of akube. When you cannot afford to buy the things you used to buy before, then you settle for those that are available at the rate you can afford. Those that patronise boutique before now patronise second-hand wears. If they want to make it important, they will call it the first grade but second hand is second hand.


Emily Joel

It is very popular, people are buying it. Before the recession, people have been buying because it is cheaper, they are nice as well. A lot of them are good and they durable as well.


Janet Johnson

They are more popular because people are still buying them. They are affordable and they last longer than those in a showcase. Even the rich go for them as well.


Bukola Ayodele

Nobody likes such things per say, if you see something new, you will know, it all boils down to the economy. If it was buoyant enough, most people will not be patronizing them.


Alice Shodimu

It has become more popular than ever because of the economy. Another reason is that manufacturers are cutting corners, they don’t produce durable goods again. I bought a shoe sometimes back, I didn’t wear it twice before it packed up. It wasn’t well produced, it had no fittings as well.


Tope Alagbe

I patronize second-hand items because of their durability. I buy mostly shoes from them. I have big feet and it is easy to get shoes that fit me over there.

Once a while I buy clothes too if I don’t have much money to buy new ones. sold


Shola Olumewo

They are more popular than ever because of the economy, hardly would you get to a street and not see two or three places where akube is being.

From children to men, women, there is always nice stuff to buy.


Marcus Bamigbola

It is more popular because it is one of the cheapest business to start.

With about ten thousand or less you can get a bale of cloth to resell.

They are also handy. You don’t need to go so far to get them, they are sold on every street and they are cheap too.


Bose Popoola

Why wouldn’t they be popular when a working class lady cannot afford to eat two times a day talkless of buying new ones. Nigerians are cutting their clothes according their cloth.



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