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Why sex is no longer as enjoyable (2)

Sex should be enjoyed and desired, most especially when it is done with the right person at the right time. But it becomes abnormal when a person doesn’t show interest in sexual matters.

 encomium.ng sampled opinions of people to know if frigidity is actually commonplace…


Clara Chinwe

Yes, it is commonplace. I expect people to be decent and moderate in their response to issues. Must you start jumping and dancing when the issue of sex crops up? Even if you like and enjoy it, we are all adults, we shouldn’t throw caution to the wind and misbehave in public. We should be at least a bit decent in our discussions and approach to issues. Keep your sexapade between you and your partner. If you need help in that area, seek for it where necessary


Juliet Chidebere

It is commonplace. People around me don’t indulge in it. They have it when necessary, and at the right time with the right person.

It is all about being disciplined. Sex is a normal thing between married couples. It should not be an everyday thing. There are times you don’t think of it and there are times you enjoy yourself with your spouse.


Bridget Moore

Sex shouldn’t be a big deal, so to me it is commonplace. A woman should feel loved, valued and secured. She shouldn’t be a sex doll. Couples should be able to balance their sex lives, know when she is in the mood and when she is not. The woman should also know when he is in the mood and not.


Deji Dokun

Most people like sex. A lot of people enjoy it but that doesn’t mean they should be lousy about it. Sex is a good thing, it keeps the home and couples together.

I don’t think most couples would indulge so much in it with the way our economy is going.


Adewumi Ojo

It is a commonplace. I have a lot of bills to sort out now, sex is the least thing on my mind.

I dare not even touch my wife, she too has a lot on her mind. She has been through a whole lot in the last one year. If she is in the mood, fine by me. If she is not, it is ok too.


Larazus Olakemi

It is condition that makes it so. The country is in a mess. People can hardly feed, where will they get the power to do that? I rarely get in the mood nowadays again. First thing first, look for where to cater for my family before I can think of pleasure.


Kola Kolade

People still get excited when it comes to sexual matters. Despite the economy, couples should still have time for sex. I would say it is not a commonplace at all.


David Olumide

It all depends. We are all different. Not everybody has interest in sex all the time. There is a place for self-control in life, whether you are married or not. Too much of everything is not good.


Bunmi Ajose

Everybody loves to hear about sex but not everyone likes sex. Some don’t enjoy it at all, while others are addicted to it. Just create a balance, don’t be addicted and don’t have an indifferent attitude towards it

– Shade Wesley Metibogun for encomium.ng



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