Why social media dating is bad

Social media platform enables people to make friends, chat, meet new people and more but a lot are happening outside this targeted aim. Many runsgirls now turn social media platforms like Facebook, Badoo, Instagram, etc to a money making avenue as many solicit for cash or recharge cards from opposite sex. Many are on social media to find love, while others are also there to give fake love. So, this has made it very challenging to easily give in to strange people on social media platforms.

 ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the people’s opinion about social media as the new dating medium in Nigeria. In the chat, many revealed their ordeal in dating a strange girl on social media and how to stay away from them.


‘You need to becareful of all these social media’ – HENRY OJAY

I have met a lot of people on social media but many, especially the youth, do more of dating on social media. I used to be a good lover of badoo one time in my life until I met this lady on the site. We started chatting and she told me meeting people for hookup on badoo is her job. Before I knew what was happening she have given me her price per night.

I thought it was a joke and I decided to give her a try. We agreed on N10,000 and to my surprise this lady came as agreed and we went straight to action. Days after, I noticed a strange pain all over my sex organ. It was confirmed that I had contacted syphilis.

I was angry and very mad at myself. The doctor asked me who the last person I had sex with was, I couldn’t say a word. Since that day, I have opted out of other social media platforms except facebook. Those girls are everywhere on social media, they are not fake and they will always satisfy you sexually but one needs to be careful.


‘Some are there to dupe people’ – KENNETH OGBUENYI

If you are talking about online dating platforms then you are talking about facebook. That’s the trending online scam arena I have seen. A lot of friend requests pop up on my profile which I always neglect because I know full well that they are runsgirls and scammers. I once dated a lady on facebook and we had an agreement of meeting each other but she was far from me.

So, I decided to pay her way to Lagos. After sending the money for her ride to Lagos, she blocked me off her friend list. That was how I decided to send the same girl a friend request with my friend’s account. I discovered the same strategy she used in getting money from me was what she also told my friend. I was very angry at that because I never knew that was her usual business online.


‘What I do is give and take’ – SAMUEL

Young ladies promote themselves more on social media these days, I have met and had sex with over 10 ladies from badoo and facebook. It’s not a new thing, neither is it magic. It’s what I’m sure of. Those girls are everywhere online looking for whom to offer them some amount and food for sex.

I haven’t been duped. What I do is give and take. They come around and I entertain them.


‘It’s a risk to just start a conversation with strangers’ – DOLAPO AKINYEMI

In this country, it’s a risk to just start a conversation with a strange lady on social media because they will end up extorting a lot of money from you. I once met a lady on facebook and we decide to handy out one day. We fixed a date and I was at the venue before her. When she later came around, she came with three of her friends and they ended up eating over N10,000 food at the restaurant. The lady didn’t even know if I have good intentions she just felt she and her friends had extorted me and they could go. Before you go on a date from social media, be sure she’s real.


‘A date on social media is not a bad idea’ – PELUMI FADAYO

Trying out a date on social media is not a bad idea but fake people have made it worse. I still believe people can always go on social media to do more of dating with care in order to avoid scammers.


‘Cheap girls on badoo are scammers’ – GODSPOWER ANOINTING

Personally, I think dating on social media is a way of allowing scammers to have access to your account. Some people are desperate about soul searching on social media, meanwhile many of the cheap girls especially on badoo are scammers.

I have had a lot of experience about how they go about their daily business and the best advice to people is to stay away from strange people.


‘Badoo is one of the dangerous sites’ – OJO EMMANUEL

Badoo is one of the dangerous sites that those cheap ladies parade in Nigeria. I won’t call it a dating experience because I met the lady on badoo one morning like that and she decided to come visiting that same day. It’s not a date because we haven’t even got to know each other.

The country’s situation has really forced a lot of people to go into selling themselves cheap on social media.

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