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Why some farts smell more 

Farting is a sign of healthy digestive system. Study shows that everyone farts at least between 10 and 20 times a day. Interestingly, the smell of your fart says something about your inner health. Farts are sometimes loud and odorless, and sometimes very smelly. Farts that are silent are usually deadly when it comes to smell.

According to Dr. Brand, “Smelly odour is not bad, it’s just a function of what you’re eating and what your bacteria is doing inside your gastrointestinal tract. Everyone is different. It means you’re eating food and digesting it well – and there’s more room on the outside than on the inside.”
A large fraction of the gas we let off during the day is carbon dioxide, which is odour free. While one percent is hydrogen sulfide. This comes from the air we inhale into our intestines from the blood.
When farts smell, it means your food is not processed properly, especially when you eat carbonhydrates.  Dr. Brand explained that people have different fart smells because some people are methane producers, and some people are hydrogen sulfide producers. It’s basically a function of what you eat.
He noted that foods that make farts smell worse are alcohol, cabbage, apple, pear, watermelon, cereal, cakes, milk, yogurt, butter, amongst other. While it is advised that you cut down on carbohydrates, eat more of potato, corn and high protein diet. Protein generates less gas, so you’re likely to fart less.
You can also avoid high fat meats and opt for turkey, fish or skinless chicken. The loudness of your fart depends on the position of your sphincter (circular muscle that normally maintains constriction of a natural body passage). If you have a relaxed sphincter, the gas will pass without a sound.
Farting too much could sometimes be a sign of a digestive tract infection or irritable bowel syndrome. It’s important you visit your gastroenterologist when you fart more than 22 times a day.

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