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Why the new Nokia 3310 is unpopular

The Nokia 3310 is back again with a unique look. The updated version of the oldest mobile phone which is known for its indestructible qualities was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently. The phone has a slightly bigger screen and in colour this time. It also has a camera on the back, a removable back cover and battery, and runs an updated version of the original’s S30 software, its battery life is strong and above all it is durable. Despite the new features, it has remained unpopular because many people are reluctant to give it a trial, owing to the fact that it does not meet up with the modern-day standard. brings you the likely reasons why the new Nokia 3310 remains unpopular:
– There is the ability to download some limited apps on the Nokia 3310 but there’s no sign of WhatsApp or Facebook in it. Both of these apps are the biggest in the world, with billions of users.
– The new 3310 uses the older 2G network and many countries are switching this system off. This means the phone won’t work in places such as USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland and even the UK as soon as they turn off the 2G network anytime soon.
– Nokia might have included a rear camera on the 3310 but there’s no front-facing selfie snapper on this new device. Selfies as we all know are largely popular and this could be another big reason why some will not want to purchase the phone.
– The phone has no touch screen keyboard. The Nokia 3310 returns to the old-fashioned way of inputting text with keys being pressed numerous times to get the letters you want.
– There is no smart assistance unlike, Apple which has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Samsung has Bixby and Google simply has Google. These voice activated assistants will guide you through your day finding songs to listen to, directions to your next location and even booking a taxi but the 3310 has no voice activation.
This new device isn’t a smart phone so it doesn’t run on androids but it offers a similar design to the original including the rounded corner.
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