‘Why they call me the sexiest rapper’ -Lepa Shandy’s brother, D’Code gushes

Omoniyi Idris Ifeoluwa, better known as D’Code is an energetic, determined and talented rapper, songwriter and a model. The artiste is signed on to Toshies Entertainment.  

The 25 year old student of Political Science Education at the prestigious Osun State University talked about his kind of music, how he became the sexiest rapper and other sundry issues in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s SOEWU OLUWAFEMI…


How did you start out as a music artiste?

I started 5 years ago. That was 2011. I didn’t take it very serious when I started, I was just doing music to satisfy myself not until 2013. When I started, I was doing music and at the same time I was busy following my sister, Lepa Shandy (a Nollywood actress) to movie locations. It was in 2013 I became officially music artiste.

What informed the decision to go into music? Will you say your sister, Lepa Shandy influenced you?

No! I love music. It is what I have developed a passion for. Music makes me happy. One good thing about D’Code is I love expressing myself.  My music is about my experience and what I see around me.

What’s your experience since you started out in 2013?

It has not been easy. When I started, before I could get a show to perform was very hard. Sometimes I walked up to organizers and convinced them to allow me perform. I used to have a cousin who was my manager then. He managed me for a year before travelling abroad. He did his best to bring the name D’Code to limelight. Today I am happy things are no longer the way it used to be. Every day I am climbing the ladder of success.

What differentiates you from others in the music industry?

I am a rap artiste. My music is different from other rappers. One good thing about music is there’s a message an artiste is trying to pass across. If an artiste is singing about love, he shouldn’t divert from the love message. A lot of artistes derail in their music and I think I am able to correct those lapses in mine.

You are popularly called sexiest rapper, what informed this?

It’s just because of my body. As a young man I have a very fit body. I remember I did 100 push-ups in a competition organized by GTBank. I emerged the winner of the competition. Most of my stage performances are energetic. The energy and fitness put together inspired the name sexiest rapper.

How many singles do you have?

I have three singles – The Truth, Battle and Classic featuring Isolate.

How would you describe the reception?

It’s really gaining positive response. When 2Face listened to my single, Battle and The Truth, he told my manager I did a good job and he would love to see the video.  The response has been good from my fans and from media houses too.

What level do you intend taking music to in the next five years?

In the next five years, I would like to see myself at the top. I want to take my music all around the world. I want to host shows in different countries all over the world and I believe with the help of God and my fans, everything is possible.

Under what record label and management are you operating?

I am signed to Toshies Entertainment. I got signed last year June on my birthday (June 1, 2015) to be precise. Toshies Entertainment is owned by Mrs. Lola Bello and it has been great having a record deal with them.

Who do you look up to as a role model in the industry?

The only mentor I have in the industry is DaGrin. Though he’s no more, his legacy lives on. He has been my mentor while he was alive and in death. There’s no other artiste that can actually pass DaGrin’s kind of message across.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m the last born in the family of six. I am a 400 level student of Political Science Education of Osun State University. It has not been easy combining music with academics but God has been helping me.

How do you manage your female fans?

I know they are beautiful creatures which I fear a lot. I must tell you that I fear ladies and so far, I have been prayerful to overcome temptations.

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