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Why this is not the time to be sick

With illnesses  seemingly more frequent and visiting all age brackets, this period of devastating economic recession is definitely not the time to lose sight of healthy habits that strengthen your immunity.

Apart from the turmoil of meeting your responsibilities in this back breaking recession, the stress of constantly being worried about the future takes its toll on many of your organs.
And as your immunity diminishes, your readiness to withstand more rigours are inadequate.
This period demands all your will-power to be free from sickness and avoid expensive medicare and cheap death.’s  panel of researchers have tabulated the major reasons why you should avoid being sick now:
1. Medicare grossly underfunded and access to passable  health facilities very expensive.
As income of the federal government nose dives, leading to less money shared by state governments, resources available to spend on anything, including hospitals, health centres, medical personnel and medicine are scarce.
So, citizens who are struggling to cope with the economic downturn are most hit.
Those without jobs will also lose out in the health insurance schemes, exposing their families to less acceptable  alternatives.
2. Medical personnel are unhappy, under performing and constantly on strike.
An unhappy workforce in the medical sector will most likely cause more mayhem. If they are not on strike or protesting, doctors, nurses and pharmacists are as worried about the future. This lack of concentration leads to wrong diagnoses and prescriptions. And prolonged and unresolved illnesses.
3. As stagflation bites with cost of medicare skyrocketing, access to forex to equip health facilities are also scarce.
With genuine drugs far more expensive and unavailable, more fake drugs litter the towns, threatening all.
Illnesses become more difficult to arrest as basic drugs are unreachable.
More bacteria and viruses mutate as they are not treated properly.
4. With nutritious and healthy foods more expensive, cheaper and more dangerous alternatives are sought. 
And since the body is exposed to damaging foods, illnesses  come quicker with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and more becoming more commonplace.
5. The stress of uncertainty, loss of jobs and economic impotence further multiply illnesses and jeopardise immunity . 
More take to cheaper and badly brewed alcohol and smoke more often .
These habits compromise organs and lead to falling health.
The cycle of illness oscillates more rapidly and ceaselessly until more funding is injected into the economy.



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