‘Why this year’s Osun Osogbo Festival would be very significant’   -Ayo Olumoko

The 2015 Osun Osogbo Festival will be celebrated amid fanfare when the grand finale holds Friday, August 21. This was disclosed by the Chief Festival Consultant, and the Managing Director of INFOGEM, Mr. Ayo Olumoko at the festival programme unveiling which held at the Institute of Directors Nigeria (IoD) office at Glover Road Ikoyi, Lagos.

Osun Osogbo Festival is a period of stocktaking and assemblage of all sons and daughters of Osogbo land, and most especially, Yoruba speaking people, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

Olumoko, while briefing the media, said that various sponsors who have been co-opted in the celebration of the festival are gearing up to make the occasion an eventful and memorable one.

He said the cultural festival, which is 600 years old, has a two-week programme, which commences with the traditional cleansing of the town called Iwopopo which is followed by the lightening of the 642-year-old point’s lamp three days after called Olojumerindinlogun.

According to him, this will be followed by Iboriade four days after, which is the assemblage of all the crowns of the past rulers for blessings, adding that the festival’s grand finale will showcase the cultural procession of the people to the Osun Groove.

Speaking to ENCOMIUM Weekly on the sponsors, Olumoko says the festival always associates with sponsors of proven record and brands that are consistent. The select sponsors for this year are Nigeria’s premiere brewery, Nigerian Breweries Plc (Golberg brand) for the third year running, Grand Oak Ltd (Seaman’s Schnapps, Royale), Kasapreko (Alomo Bitters), IoD and UNESCO, among others…

How do you feel today?

I feel very happy. This is an event we do every year. It is what we have been doing to get support of all media men.

What are your comments about the sponsors?

Despite the situation of the economy of the country, we still have our sponsors who are strong pillars behind us and they have been supporting us consistently. We have sponsors like Grand Oak, UNESCO, Nigerian Breweries and IOD.

What would make this year’s Osun Osogbo Festival different from the previous ones?

This year’s Osun Osogbo Festival would be starting from sponsors, and we are still going to do promotions at the grand finale of the festival.

This will mark 10 years UNESCO enlisted Osun Osogbo Festival and also this year marks 10 years that Madam Susan Wenger died. So, there are programmes to that effect.

To which extent can Osun Osogbo Festival project Nigeria to global view?

Osun Festival has already projected Nigeria into the global world. For Osun Festival, we have international tourists that come from far and near.

What gives you confidence that Osun Osogbo Festival would on the Stock Exchange?

We have been on this for two years and we are perfecting the festival to be listed on the Stock Exchange. This is a dream we have been working towards achieving.



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