Why top Nigerian entertainers endorsed Jimi Agbaje for Lagos governorship election

Entertainment industry buffs recently kept showbiz issues aside to endorse the governorship ambition of Jimi Agbaje.

1Operating under the aegis of #4NL, a platform designed to agitate, re-orientate and motivate all progressive Lagosians to get socially and politically active, the event held at Protea Hotel, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos.

Eminent personalities from the entertainment industry, the media, corporate clan, executive members of the Eko Initiative like Honourable TMJ. Agoro, Engr Tunde Shinaba, Mrs Dewunmi Williams as well as other concerned citizens of Lagos also graced the historical occasion.

Commenting on the social initiative, popular Nollywood actress, Alex Okoroji, who is also the organization’s coordinator, revealed that 4NL is a non-governmental organization which stands simply for a New Lagos.

“It is a project extension of the umbrella body called #4NN-For New Nigeria. The sole objective of #4NL is to agitate, re-orientate and motivate all progressive Lagosians young or old, not only to dream or see the possibility of a New Lagos  but to actually be challenged to the point of taking effective action to be instrumental or at the least, be an active participant in the actual realization of this dream.”

Dressed in a T- shirt inscribed with the phrase Stand Up 4 New Lagos, Alex Okoroji also revealed reasons  the group chose to step up on their social responsibilities as entertainers and why they think Jimi Agbaje is the right man to lead the New Lagos.

20140806_111618_edit“As entertainers with like minds, we understand its part of our social responsibility to guide and encourage our fans, followers and the general public to become active responsible members of the society. We also realise it’s impossible to engage in serious social or socio-political causes without touching on the issues of governance or emphasising the importance of the leadership of any society. We equally know that a large number of youths are discouraged and cynical of the system. And they feel ignored and abandoned. We know Jimi Agbaje has an open- door policy for youths and has always contributed to the empowerment of youths and grassroot through philanthropic works with his foundation as well as a number of mentorship programmes without seeking attention. It is no secret he is a member of the intelligentia who genuinely loves Lagos and its citizens. He has enormous credibility and a vision for Lagos as it really should be. Who is better for #4NL to support than the incredibly loved and amiable Jimi Agbaje?”

Popular Actor, Yemi Blaq who is the Assistant Coordinator added:

“Yes! The 4 New Lagos movement is open to everybody who wants progress and a better working Lagos because this is a social pressure group. In other words, our responsibilities go beyond politics and elections but social awareness as well; it is time for everyone to get involved in the conversations and actively participate in the development of their communities now and beyond elections.”

John Njamah, Grace Amah and Bayrah

John Njamah, Grace Amah and Bayrah

In his contribution, the Media Secretary, Femi Branch equally explained they are not card-carrying members of any political party.

“So, we are non-partisan. But we have chosen to believe in the “New Thinking, New Character, New Lagos” -maxim of the #4NL movement- to support the person we believe shares our ideology for renewal and reform.”

He, however affirmed that the goal is to identify credible persons they believe share the same dream of helping build a new Lagos  and to offer such a person their platform which is key in building a New Lagos  that will stir the birth of ‘New citizens’ with a new mindset, character and thinking.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly called Alex Okoroji on Friday, August 22, 2014, to clarify why she is in the vanguard of ensuring the emergence of Agbaje as Lagos state governor she summed it up this way:

“One key reason for picking Mr. Agbaje is because he is ‘incredibly loved’ by Lagosians and he brings ‘freshness’ that is devoid of politics and government that we’re used to. Mr. Jimi appeals to us because he is an outsider of the system and has not been influenced by the corruption, indifference and negligence that is common with public servants vying for political office. He represents the qualities of a capable leader who is willing to listen and ready to serve.” We want a leader not a mere politician. We want someone credible,

Alex Okoroji, Victor Olaitan and a friend

Alex Okoroji, Victor Olaitan and a friend

who will love Lagosians, serve Lagosians, start with what we know and build on what we have…and we invite every progressive to join us in the movement for the Lagos of our dreams.”

The entertainers behind the #4NL movement include  Alex Okoroji, Yemi Blaq, Ego Ogbaro, Femi Branch, John Njamah, Femi Brainard,Wale Adebayo, Kalu Ikeagwu, Grace Ama, Segun Obe, Ruggedman, Bayray Mcnwizu, Mayowa Adewale,Tokunbo Coker aka Dj Tokzy, Ronke Odusanya, Joseph Benjamin, among others.




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