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‘Why we chose D’Banj for Hennessy Artistry 2013’ – LERE AWOKOYA

NO doubt, Hennessy Artistry 2013 has a huge success going by the rating from the pundits that thronged Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja to see the main headliner, D’Banj and other notable acts like Olamide, Chidinma, SDC, Vector, amongst others.
The Brand Manager, Hennessy Nigeria, Mr. Lere Awokoya spoke about the show and why the brand chose the multiple award-winning entertainer, D’Banj.

Why exactly is Hennessy doing the artistry project?
It’s because Hennessy has a strong organic relationship with music and every year, it gets stronger and stronger. Not just in Nigeria but on international scale. We feel like it’s our responsibility to create that platform to show that we are aware of this relationship with music. That’s why every year, we have the Hennessy Artistry, not just for established artistes but upcoming ones too. For example, last year we had Burna Boy who was upcoming in Lagos but everybody knows who he is now.
What informed the choice of D’Banj headlining the show?
We went for D’Banj because from a brand perspective, it was appropriate. If you look at Hennessy as a brand, it is global and when you think about Hennessy, you think class, you think luxury and it is the same thing we believe you think of when you think about D’Banj.
D’Banj is arguably the most international Nigerian artiste, especially after his Oliver Twist song. When you look at both brands, we thought there was a natural fit.
This is like the 6th edition, which one do you think is the most unique or successful?
They’ve all been successful. Each of them has its own character and individuality because we have not used the same artistes. We can’t really compare them but they have all been successful.
Will it be sustained?
As long as it is relevant in Nigeria, we will carry on and that is also determined by what the music industry is. Right now, there is a very strong relationship between Hennessy and the music industry. As long as that remains, we will continue to do something with music whether Hennessy Artistry or not.
How much did the entire project cost?
It was very affordable.

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