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Why we enjoy going to the mall – young people speak


With modern malls emerging on the cityscape, legions are savouring exciting leisure exoeriences. And younger folks are not short of excuses to visit the imposing malls in Lagos. With friends and family, they soak in all the bliss on offer – from shopping to cinema, hanging out to eating out. 

Whatever motivates you to visit the mall, you are guaranteed to have a good time. sampled opinions of young people on why they enjoy going to the mall…


Favour Ogbonna

I go to the mall to solely enjoy myself, buy some things and watch movies.


Esther Lawal

I enjoy going to the mall because of varieties of things to shop for.  One will get different, various brands of any product. You will also get original things to buy.


Frank Obinna

I go to the mall most especially at weekends because I love hanging out with people and we enjoy ourselves in the mall than any other place.


Akin Araba

I go to the mall because I will be able to see new products, get them for myself before any of my friends. I love movies too. So I enjoy going to the mall to feed my eyes on the latest movies in town.


Michael Jones

I go to the mall in order to mingle with young guys like me. I also enjoy going to the mall to see movies because I love it when I’m with people around me in the cinema.


Ogechi Ifeyinwa

I go to the mall for recreation and shopping. It is the best place to be, especially during weekends. I also love seeing movies with my friends, it gives me joy. They are a lot of fun I derive from it.


Dupe Olanisimi

I enjoy going to the mall to have fun, watch movies and go for shopping. I find out that things are cheaper in the mall and of good quality than those we find outside the mall.


Oluwafemi Ayeni

I go to the mall to shop for things I need and to hang out with friends  especially to watch movies in the cinema and play around with friends.


Bukola Ayodele

I go to the mall to enjoy myself, most especially when I’m bored. I also go to the mall when I need some things at a cheaper rate. They have quality products. I love movies too so I hang out with friends there to do away with stress and have fun.


Uju Christiana

I go to the mall just to get fun and shop for myself. I enjoy watching movies in the cinema in the company of others. You can also get some items at a cheaper rate and of good quality in the shopping mall. I enjoy going to the mall because you meet a lot of people there.


– Chika Okorie for


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