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‘Why we opened another outlet’ –Omah

 Barbara Akporugo is the energetic lady behind Omah, a fashion brand that is exclusively for men. They just added another feather to their cap by opening a new outlet and starting a shoe line.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a short chat with her about this…

We heard you have opened a new outlet, how does it feel?

Yes, we have added a new outlet. It feels good. Very good actually, because it is a very good strategic location – Kingsize Place, Oregun, Lagos.

What are the services you render in your new outlet?

Ready to wear and measured to fit. Recently, we added our slippers range to compliment our clothes.  We have creative designs in different sizes. So, you can actually just walk in, pick a native and slippers or sandals to go with our outfit for any kind of function. Instead of the stress of picking a fabric, taking measurement and then waiting for the clothes to be sewn.

How much did it cost to put it together?

Getting a good location as that definitely won’t come cheap, but we thank God, so far, it has been worth it.

How price friendly is Omah?

I can say surely, for the quality of fabrics, tailoring and very creative and innovative designs, we are very cost friendly.

We also learnt that you have started a shoe line, tell us about it, what inspired it and how price friendly is it?

Yes. I felt the need to add the slippers and sandals range because, most of my clients would ask me to recommend stores where they could get quality leather slippers to go with our clothes, that inspired me to do proper research about slipper making. And I am happy to say that the acceptance has been awesome.

What separates Omah as a brand from others?

At Omah, every customer is special. As the creative designer, I handle every order personally to ensure that clients get the expert attention and satisfaction they deserve.

What inspires your creativity?

I would say, it is by Grace that I am able to come out regularly with new designs. I draw inspiration from my environment, I see things imaginatively.



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