Why We Prefer Tokunbo Tyres To New Ones

‘New tyres gulp so much of income’ -Consumers reveal

The main element of wonders-on-wheels, tyres which is the most essential part of it appears to be of two types. This was made known by users as they shed light on the two types of tyres which are the fairly used ones, otherwise known as Tokunbo and the new ones.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s investigations revealed that the patronage of Tokunbo tyres appears to be higher than that of new ones.

Tokunbo tyres are said to cost between N4,000 and N5,000 while new ones cost between N11,000 and N13,000. This difference in the prices prompts vehicle owners, especially commercial drivers to prefer tokunbo tyres to new ones. It was revealed that if one is lucky enough, he would get tokunbo tyres that could last two years as tyres too have their own expiry date.

The new one, which appears to be higher in price is said to last one or two years, depending on the model and usage.  Some drives ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to preferred tokunbo tyres because they feel they are strong enough for some roads which are badly damaged. They feel new tyres on such roads could be waste of money.


MOSHOOD OLANREWAJU – Though new tyres are very expensive, but we still manage to buy them. It is only when you don’t have money that you settle for less. When a driver is in dire need of tyres and he does not have much to purchase new ones, he then goes for the fairly used otherwise known as tokunbo with the mindset of getting new ones when he is financially buoyant.


AYOMIDE – New tyres are very good but too expensive, that is why most of us buy the tokunbo. The new tyres price range is between N12,000 and N14,000 while the tokunbo range between N4,000 and N5,000. If you’re lucky to get good tokunbo tyre, it can last you for two years and the new ones too last for at least two years.


BADEJO – I prefer to buy new tyres for my taxi because tokunbo tyres don’t last longer. Tokunbo tyres are not even reliable as most of them had been over-used by the previous owners. Some of them even cause accidents. It’s not safe, so I prefer to go for new ones.


FALEKE – I usually buy tokunbo tyres whenever I am in need of them. I feel safe using them because I usually buy from a particular dealer and he tries as much as possible to give me the best. Most tokunbo tyres last longer than you can imagine, but if I can actually afford the new ones, I will buy. But right now, I settle for fairly used tyres.


AYODEJI – I prefer tokunbo tyres because they last longer. The expiry dates on tyres are not really genuine, they just put them there. Tokunbo tyres are stronger and more reliable. I settle for them any day, anytime.


ILESANMI – Though it might seem a little bit costly, I still prefer new tyres to old ones. Reason is that tyres have expiry dates and most tokunbo tyres are near to the expiry dates, so getting them might be a risk.


MRS. FOLAMI – Ever since my mechanic told me that new tyres are the best, I have decided to buy only new ones. Before an artisan will recommend a new product as the best, you can be rest assured that it’s the best. Though, the price is higher than that of tokunbo, but it lasts longer than.


SULEIMAN AYODEJI – I prefer tokunbo tyres but I make sure I patronize my dealer. He gives me the best. Tokunbo tyres are very strong, even stronger than new ones.


CHINEDU BRIGHT – Of course, I prefer new tyres. Whenever people say that tokunbo tyres are better than new ones, I just laugh because I can’t just point out what they are saying. How can anybody say that, when tokunbo itself was once a brand new item. I love going for the best things. I don’t settle for less. I buy new tyres always, no matter how high the price.

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