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Why we prefer tokunbo tyres to new ones

+New tyres gulp much for our income – consumers reveal

Motorists in Lagos state said they prefer to buy fairly used tyres because of their affordability as against new ones. This was declaration was made known by vehicle owners and drivers as they shed light on the two types of tyres which are the fairly used, otherwise known as tokunbo, and the new ones.

Interviews reveal that the patronage of the tokunbo tyres appears to be higher than that of the new ones. This is attributed to the high cost of the new tyres.

Tokunbo tyres are said to range between N4000 and N5000, while new ones, on the other hand, range between N11,000 and N13,000. This change in the price prompts vehicle owners (especially commercial motorists) to prefer tokunbo tyres to the new ones. It was revealed that, if one is lucky enough, he would get tokunbo tyres that can last him a year as tyres too have their own expiration dates. The new ones which are obviously more expensive, last for more than two years, depending on the model and the usage.

Some drivers also prefer tokunbo tyres because they feel they are strong enough for some roads in the nation which are badly damaged. They feel that using new tyres on such roads could be waste of money. Meanwhile, some of them claim they are not aware if tyres actually have expiry dates.


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