‘Why we prefer working with relations‘ -ENTREPRENEURS (2)

Nigerian entrepreneurs don’t see anything wrong with employing their relations. And explaining why they are cool with it, they however identify some challenges associated with this option…

AMANDA AKHIMIEN – No, I don’t think I can employ a relation. It is because the person might take the job unserious believing that nothing will happen, and that could affect the business.

The basic challenge of working with a relation is that they try to boss fellow workers around and take undue advantage in the work place. That could corrupt other workers. If scolded or sacked, it could result to a family meeting.

LAWRWENCE ONUZULIKE – Not anymore. I tried that once and I paid big for it. I can help my relations get jobs anywhere but not in my own firm. They would come to work whenever they want and leave whenever they want.

They can also boss other staffers, claiming it’s their brother’s company. The inability to discipline them is the basic challenge for me. Anytime I tried to discipline them, I immediately got a call from my mom, dad and uncle reminding me they are my relations.

FOLUSO AKINWUSI – Neo Creationz – Nothing would make me employ any of my family members because they won’t discharge their duties as they would if they were working elsewhere.  He may get too familiar and disobey authority. He would lack commitment because he would think nothing can stop him.

TOYIN OYEDOLA – Teetop Entertainment – Yes, I can employ my relation. There is nobody I can’t work with in as much as that person can do the job. And employing my relation wouldn’t be a bad idea, at least that will be my own contribution to reducing the number of the unemployed.

The only challenge is that of commitment.

FEMI ADETOYE – Femytoys Designs – I can employ my relation if he/she is capable of handling such position. The only challenge I know is that such a person would not carry out his duty as stipulated.

AYO BALOGUN – Working with one’s relation can be extremely difficult. I tried it once and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Your relatives will take you for granted, and be nonchalant about the job. They feel that if you want to send them away, they can easily call an elder in the family to talk to you, they will always tell you blood is thicker than water. Sometimes, envy sets in.

Some believe they are not workers even when they are collecting your money. They feel you own the business together. It is advisable to define it in clear terms if ever one works with a relation, otherwise render him or her help outside your business.

BOLAJI JOSEPH – The Bael Services and Automobiles – Yes, I can employ my relations, because they would take care of the company like it’s theirs.  The only challenge in working with a relation is that they often think they can get away with certain things others can’t.

MR. LATIN – There is nothing wrong in employing one’s relation but such a person must be ready to follow the rules and regulations of the business just as others who are non-relatives do.

Although, it’s very difficult to treat such a person as an ordinary worker because any slight quarrel you have with him or her will be discussed before the family head. That doesn’t mean it’s totally bad working with a relation. The only challenge is that one is likely to bend the rules atimes, and that may affect the business.

OLUBUNMI AKINBULIRE – Heritage World Events  – Yes, I can employ my relation. There is nothing wrong with employing one’s relation. Once there is vacancy and the person is qualified. The challenges are lack of commitment and being unserious. All that can be overcome by the business owner if he cares about his/her worker’s welfare.

OLAMIDE OLATEJU – No, I can’t employ a relation. Working with your relations won’t give you the utmost respect on the way you want your work to be done.

SEGUN WILLIAMS – I can employ my relation. However, there may be challenges. My relations may view it as my brother’s business. By so doing, they may not be serious in their duties. It can create unnecessary familiarity with workers and it might lead to disrespect on the part of the employee. Also, lack of commitment to company’s objective.

PRINCESS CHINEKE – Beacon Nigeria Limited –  Yes, I can work with my relations as far as he/she follows my business principle. The challenges are basically in the areas of the staff abusing our relationship. But if you were blessed with a disciplined employee, it is not a bad idea.

OLAMIDE COLUMBUS – Enzy – I don’t have any qualms with employing a relation. I think it will be an advantage for me rather than disadvantage. The dangers people are usually scared of is that your relations will take you for granted or not work hard, but it’s not applicable every time.

KACHI NWANNA – Coded Apparel – I can’t employ my relation because there are situations where the family can take certain things for granted because of ties.

Productivity can be reduced, although it can be dependent on the individual you hired.

AMARA LYNDA IKE – Lynda’s Place –  There is nothing wrong with working with your relations. At least, you will trust them enough than outsiders. When they misbehave, you may not have the courage to discipline them. And when you do, it may generate bad blood back home.

ADETUNJI ADEKOLA – No, I can’t employ a relation. If you employ an older relation you might not be able to reprimand him because, the family link. And if you do, they might take it personal, thereby undermining you.

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