‘Why we premiered Lekki Wives outside Nigeria’-Blessing Egbe

8Few days ago, foremost television series, Lekki Wives was premiered in London, after a successful premiere in Manchester, United Kingdom. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the producer, Blessing Egbe about the success of the premiere and why she took it abroad.

How did the London and Manchester premiere of Lekki Wives go?

It went really well I am quite happy about the eventual outcome. It was very successful. I’m very grateful, it was very humbling.

How will you describe the experience?

The experience and the leading ladies was quite surreal. Here we were in Nigeria just going about our business and savouring the accolades that came our way by some people and we got in to the UK and we were received like super stars.

23The treatment was first class all the way and the turnout was magnificent. People everywhere were praying for us, thanking us for such beautiful work and just loving every bit of the content. I couldn’t even talk when I was called upon. I was just so surprised at all the love being thrown at us. The day we landed, we went straight to the OHTV studio for a live interview and what was billed for 30 minutes ended up 90 minutes as the phones just kept ringing. That was when I knew that we had come to the right place.

Why did you take the premiere outside the country?

I didn’t take the premiere to the UK, the UK sort of called for it. The response to the series was great and the acquisition company thought to premiere the movie version. The funny thing was that, more people who had seen the series showed up for the movie premiere. It was just pure love for the content, nothing more. It wasn’t like they were coming to meet and greet a big star. No! This was just pure love for the content, its makers and the actors.

Blessing Egbe

Blessing Egbe

How was the reception?

Like I said, first class all the way!

What about the Nigerian version?

I don’t know about the Nigerian version. Let us see how it all plays out. Season 2 is out on DVD. Let’s see what the reception is going to be.

Who sponsored the premiere outside the country?

The Cokobar, Un1ty TV, OHTV, Nollywood Movies and 809 Restaurant.

Were all the cast present?

Four out of the five wives were present.

What plan do you have for Lekki Wives abroad, will it be shown in cinema or sold on DVD?

For now, it can be viewed online and on the Unity app, but we are still looking to distribute via other channels.


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