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‘Why we shun made in Nigeria good’ – Nigerians

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Opting for foreign products has always been a trend among most Nigerians. And this has greatly affected Nigeria’s economy as the country can’t boast of producing many items on its own. And even if any product bears a made in Nigeria logo, Nigerians won’t patronize it. They will prefer to go for foreign ones on assumption that foreign products are of superior quality.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views also shared this belief…



Yes, I patronize made in Nigeria products. The reason is that made in Nigeria products are very nice and cheaper than the imported products. I prefer the Nigerian made products. I purchase Nigeria made food, clothes, shoes and some other things.



Yes, I patronize made in Nigeria products, though not so much. I patronize made in Nigeria products because I believe in originality and supporting our own. I use the Nigerian and locally made batik fabric, popularly known as adire and I also use locally made soap, detergent, and liquid soap.



I am not sure I use made in Nigeria products. There aren’t so many Nigerian made products around. The so-called made in Nigeria products are being produced with imported materials.



No, I don’t patronize made in Nigeria products. Nigeria has not produced anything yet and even if they do, it is always fake. For instance, this Aba made clothes, if you wear them and wash it, the colour fades quickly.

They do not last, but when I shop outside the country, I get quality products that last longer.



No, I do not because made in Nigeria products are always overpriced and sometimes they are of inferior quality. For instance, the furniture makers in Nigeria sell their set of chairs for N250,000 and above and when I check out that same design on a foreign magazine, I will get it for a cheaper price. So, all I do is order and they will deliver to me.



I do not patronize products made in Nigeria. Most of Nigerian products are not of good quality and I like quality things that when people see them on me, they will appreciate it.

I patronize products like Gucci, Aldo for my shoes and Marks & Spencer, Thomas Pink for my shirts, trousers and chinos.



Yes, I do. The ones I have now were made by a designer here in Abeokuta. So, I have patronized Nigerian products.  I do not have specific products I patronize. If I see a Nigerian product that I like, I go for it and likewise European products too.



Yes, I patronise Nigerian made goods because I’m an enthusiast of nation building. The Nigeria I envisage is the Nigeria where 90 percent of consumable goods are made here. It will promote socio economic growth engaging Nigerians in entrepreneurial skills which are another great tools to self employment.



I patronise Nigerian made goods. Truth be told, some of the products are wholesome and worth buying. However, there are substandard Nigerian products though one just needs to be extra careful when making purchases. I am proudly African and Nigerian.



I patronize made in Nigeria items as well as foreign ones, depending on the item in question. But mostly, I care for quality. And one thing is that not all foreign goods are better than ours but the fact remains that most Nigerians are drenched in that long time mentality and belief the foreign materials are superior to ours, and that’s why we keep importing till date.

Even ordinary toothpicks, Nigeria can’t produce. We need to change our orientation so that we can strengthen our economy by encouraging local manufacturers.

orientation so that we can strengthen our economy by encouraging local manufacturers.



I don’t patronize made in Nigeria goods because most of them are substandard. They don’t last long. For instance, if you go to any boutique to buy wears, you hardly see made in Nigeria items because people don’t have confidence in such products. Even fairly used clothes imported are by far better than most of Nigerian fabrics.

We like making use of substandard raw materials in manufacturing things in Nigeria. I think the government at the top has a lot of work to do on that.



There are a lot of factors that come into play here. It is not solely the fault of the people. We’ve always had government that lack vision and direction, and as a result, we’ve been producing low-quality products for years. You don’t expect people to choose low quality over better quality. Besides, if you compare prices, imported things are cheaper.



No, a lot of the things I use are foreign made. You can’t blame people for that, personally it’s not like I don’t want to patronise Nigerian made things, but where are they? Everything is imported, I’m sure you know that. And then the ones made here are of inferior quality, whose fault is that?

These things don’t start at the bottom, that’s with the people. It should start at the top, from the authorities and manufacturers. Let them stop importation, or cut down on it, and then produce things for local consumption. The people won’t have a choice then.



Yes. Like powder, combs and some other things like food stuff, garri, elubo, yam, snail, crab, cat fish, etc.  There is no way they can import these things because we have them already, we have the original one. When it comes to clothes and perfumes and things like that, I buy imported ones.



Yes, I do, but not much. A lot of my clothes are from London because I go there regularly and I get good fabrics and quality, its also cheap. Two, I also buy clothes here, but I

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