‘Why we took Grand Oak Easter Fiesta Slam to Sultan Beach’- SUSAN ADENIYI, Manager, Dark Sailor

Grand Oak hosted fun seekers at their 2015 Calypso Easter Slam party at Sultan Beach, Badagry Lagos.

Calypso Coconut Liqour collaborated with Dark Sailor to bring their target audience together and have fun during Easter…


We discovered you celebrated Easter at Sultan Beach, why the choice?

Dark Sailor and Calypso Coconut Liquor are great brands. We wanted our target audience to know we care about them and since Calypso is a spirit of fun, we know people come to the beach to have fun and play games. So, that’s why we came here to felicitate with them and let them know we are still in the market and we care about them.

Susan Adeniyi (R) presenting gifts to winner

Susan Adeniyi (R) presenting gifts to winner

We came here to make people have fun by playing games. It’s not everybody that wants to swim. Some just want to feel the breeze of the sea, that’s why we brought the 2015 Easter Fiesta Slam to Sultan Beach, where we can connect with our target audience.

With what you’ve seen from the turnout, how do you feel?

I am excited. It is obvious people like the brand and Calypso Coconut Liquor is associated with the beach. Many atimes they come to the beach to have fun, so Dark Sailor collaborated with Calypso because it is daring.

Dark Sailor is associated with games like football, rock climbing, dancing competition, etc. It’s so exciting looking at the response we have gotten, we are glad we are here this year and we are sure our target audience had fun too.

What are the criteria in choosing the people playing games?

They have to be strong physically and they have to be ready to have fun. It’s not everybody that is energetic wants to have fun. Some can’t dare to have fun because they are afraid of failure.

Dark Sailor is a brand that is not afraid of failure. It’s hard to believe when you fail you put some people through and when you win, you will be able t say this is what I did to win.

So, the criteria we used are energy, fun loving and daring attitude. I noticed people who are fun loving were able to do daring stunts and that was how they were able to win.

What significance does your product have?

When we advertise our brands, we tell you drink responsibly, and we also give age restriction. So, if you are below 18, you are not encouraged to take our brands because they are alcoholic. However, if you are matured enough, age 18 and above, and you are a fun lover, we encourage you to come out and have fun with Dark Sailor and Calypso.


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