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Why you should keep your house clean from dust

A new study showed that dusting and mopping your house is important to your health. Dust has cancer-causing chemicals and people can be exposed to it.

Dust found in items such as food packaging, cosmetics causes health problems – from asthma, ADHD and early menopause.

Scientists from George Washington University, Washington DC (USA) discovered dozens of toxic chemicals had made their way into dust. They collected dust samples throughout the US to identify the toxic chemicals they contain. Phathaate DEHP was the highest level of chemical found in dust followed by phenol (used in plastic).

The scientists warned that these chemicals can be harmful to people as most are absorbed through the skin. “Young children and babies are particularly at risk because they crawl, play on dusty floors and put their hands in their mouths,” they added.

They also found 45 potentially toxic chemicals that are used in many household products such as vinyl flooring, building materials, home furnishing, personal care and cleaning products. Ten harmful chemicals were found in 90 percent dust samples – this also included cancer-causing agent, TDCIPP.

Scientists noted that the best way to avoid exposure to dust was to keep dust levels low. Using strong vacuum, washing hands regularly were highly recommend.

Environmental exposure scientist, Dr. Robin Dodson from Silent Spring Institute, Massachusetts, USA, said, “Consumers have the power to make healthier choices and protect themselves from harmful chemicals in everyday product.

“Everyday products and building materials that contain harmful chemicals are responsible for widespread contamination of our homes. Looking for alternatives will make your home safer.”

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