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Why you should never allow anyone kiss your baby

With the death of 18-day old Mariana Sifrit in Iowa (the United States of America) on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, following herpes complications, parents have been warned not to allow anyone kiss their babies!

The baby girl, born on July 1, contracted herpes from a kiss, which developed into meningitis. And both parents tested negative to the disease.
Mariana became sick on July 7, developing more frustrating symptoms. Her kidneys eventually failed and her liver stopped functioning. She died at 8:40 am on Tuesday, July 18.
Herpes is caused by germs which can be transferred through interaction with an infected person. Symptoms are fever, headache, confusion, seizure and sleepiness, among others.
Many other dangerous diseases can also be passed on to babies…and parents are warned not to allow anyone close to babies.



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