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Why you should never drink paraga

-Doctors list litany of diseases for consumers

Locally brewed alcoholic beverages with herbal extracts are experiencing a huge consumption rate in Africa today. Many call it man-power, body energizer or action pill. It is popularly called paraga in western Nigeria. The mixture which many believe serves as libido booster (aphrodisiac) is widely consumed by sexually active men to boost their sexual prowess.

The growing influx of sellers, manufacturers and consumers of these products suggests that it is an emerging booming business in Nigeria, with users increasing every day. The consumption is not limited to men alone. Women, old and young now derive pleasure in the usage of paraga.

There are local variants such as a mixture of local gin and herbs, which come in form called agbo, sepe, paraga, sapele water, to mention few.

The composition of the mixture of all these products are unknown to many, though, they derive pleasure from consuming them.

Most of the ingredients used and process of manufacturing those products include the mixture of ginger, cloves, trona, camphor, onions, African lemon grass…together and other herbal extracts. After the mixture, it will be soaked in any type of gin.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the opinion of medical experts about the health hazards related to the consumption of these herbal contents called paraga. In the chat, they took us through different reasons why people should never consume paraga…


‘Locally made gin has no NAFDAC certification’ – DR DAMILARE POPOOLA

Medically, it has a lot of health hazards. Consumption of locally brewed herbal gin has sent many to early graves yet people still purchase as many as they can. First, let’s talk about the unhygienic procedure at which those products are being produced.

Many of those products that you see around have no NAFDAC certification. People just soak herbal contents in a big drum and mix with alcohol to make money for themselves, forgetting they are putting the lives of consumers at risk.

I can tell you that the process of brewing many of those paraga are not hygienic at all. These are some of the reasons of different ailment that we see today. Another thing is that alcohol usage in those product are not measured. Consumers are prone to different liver related diseases, drowsiness and untimely death.

Consuming those locally brewed herbal mixture is injurious to human health as it contains methanol, a deadly poison which can cause different damages to the human body.



Consuming those locally brewed herbal mixture with gin is like putting one’s life in danger because those consuming these products have no idea of what they are taking and the kind of danger they are getting themselves involved in. Let’s talk about alcoholic drinks like beer, wine or whiskey. These are alcoholic products that we all know they are brewed by standard organizations under the law. But those consuming paraga have no idea of the alcoholic content, they don’t even know if it’s actually adding value to their life or reducing their life span.

If we talk about the dangers in the consumption of the products, then we have to talk about the liver as the liver is at risk when one consumers them. Another thing is the usage and the abuse of these products. It baffles me when I see people taking these herbal content in excess for different reasons. Some believe it serves as body energizer, others think it increases their sexual urge but they got it all wrong. Consuming those products are hazardous to human health. I think people need to be orientated about the dangers in the consumption of these products to save lives.



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