Why you should never go to bed with your make up on!

– Makeup artist, beauty professionals give expert advice

Many ladies make the mistake of going to bed with their makeup after wearing it for virtually the whole day.

This has been proven to be a dangerous practice, according to makeup professionals.


House of BeautyRudolph Zinnia, – Makeup artist,  House of Beauty

Are there risks of ladies going to bed with their make up on?


What effect does it have on the skin?

Sleeping with your makeup has so many effects on the facial skin which includes clogging your pores. It opens your pores, causes facial skin to wrinkle which means your face starts looking older. It also causes acne and makes your face become oily.

What is the most effective make up cleaning before going to bed?

Face wipes are cheap, make them your friend! You don’t need to spend too much to buy that! First, this is a very important step, wipe off makeup with at most 4-5 face wipes. Make sure your eye brows, eye shadow and all are wiped off completely! Wiping alone won’t remove all of it, especially those in your pores, so after you wipe, you wash your face with a mild face wash or soap while bathing, use your cleanser, then your toner. After these, you’re ready for a good night sleep. You might decide to use moisturiser or better still sleep like that.


Shara Make overOlayinka Olaore – MakeUp Artist,  Shara Makeover

What are the risks of ladies going to bed with their make up on?

Girls typically believe that makeup is truly the solution to acne. It can conceal acne and can make it magically disappear from the view of others. However, makeup has the ability to worsen acne. Wearing makeup daily has its consequences while sleeping which can cause damage to your health.

What effect does it have on the skin?

Going to sleep with your makeup has many disadvantages such as, your skin won’t breathe. When you sleep, your skin also relaxes to revive after being subjected to makeup products all day long. However, if you do not remove your makeup before you sleep, your skin will not breathe, making it look tired and not fresh. It also makes your skin wrinkle. Sleeping without removing your makeup will break down the natural collagen in your face, due to the exposure of free radicals in the environment that makeup holds. This will lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It may also cause pimples.

A very important reason why you should never sleep without removing your makeup is that it will lead to the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Not removing your eyeliner or mascara before you sleep could possibly lead to eye infections or puffy eyes. It could block your pores. Not removing your makeup properly could also make bacteria pile up on your eye lid or eye lashes, leading to white headed pimples.

You will look much older than your age. Going to sleep on a regular basis without removing your makeup can strip you of that youthful glow, making you look much older than you actually are. So, always remember to remove your makeup and clean your face properly before you go to sleep.

What is the most effective form of makeup cleaning before going to bed?

The most effective way of removing makeup before going to bed is either by using a milk cleanser, a gel or lotion that is appropriate for your skin type.


SCL TouchSaadat Bibire, – Makeup Artist, SCL Touch

Are there risk of ladies going to bed with their make up on?

Yes, there are lots of risks in a lady going to bed with makeup. It causes wrinkles, acne and spots and it’s a dirty act for a lady to go to bed with makeup.

Does it have any effect on the skin?

Yes it does, that’s why the skin wrinkles at a very tender age and acne is something very hard to get rid of.

What is the most effective form of makeup cleaning before going to bed?

There are several facial cleansers and makeup removal and there are face wipes everywhere these days and It’s so easy to use.


Mrs AsifatMrs. Asifat, – Makeup artist, De Formula Beauty Care and Spa

Are there any risk of ladies going to bed with makeup on?


What effect does it have on the skin?

It will make the face look aged and rough, which could lead to acne, pimples because the makeup block the skin pores that need air to penetrate to the face and I would like to advise ladies to wash off their Makeup before going to bed.

What is the most effective form of makeup cleaning before going to bed?

There is a simple method for the washing. Use your palm to rub your soap and use it to wash your face four times.

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