Why young women can’t stay in marriage

The rate of marriage breakups at which young women now walk out of their union is becoming alarming.

disputing-separationENCOMIUM Weekly went on a public opinion poll (POP) to find out why. And from the majority of our survey, we discovered the main reasons young women no longer stay in marriage border on intolerance, question of trust, infidelity, excessive materialism, lack of sexual satisfaction, incompatibility, lifestyle related issues, insubordination, among others.  


I think women sacrifice a lot with many responsibilities by working, cooking, taking care of the children and still want to satisfy their husband at the same time.

What they need in return from the men is to provide financially, satisfy women in bed and be faithful. The basic question is, how many guys satisfy their women in bed, appreciate them and still remain faithful? If you take a survey, you will see that only few men do. Our mothers were very tolerant and enduring. After marriage, men will most times stop getting you gifts, stop complimenting you, assisting you. Ladies now, maybe because of education, are not willing to tolerate any nonsense from any man.


I would say it is pride because I think in our generation, most women earn more than their husbands. So, if as a woman you are doing what your husband ought to do, then pride will definitely come in.


To me, I think it is due to immaturity and large life expectations. So many women tend to expect so much from their husbands because they want to belong due to either fashion or peer pressure. One thing they fail to realise is that marriage is a lifetime affair not a short term contract. Another thing is that, men should learn to reciprocate the love their wives show to them because some women get frustrated when their partners do not show them the amount of love they deserve. But I think, both husband and wife should learn to tolerate each other.


Young women nowadays are not submissive to their husbands, they feel they can do what they like at any point in time. They feel they must have a say in whatever he wants to say or do despite the fact that she knows he’s the head of the family. Another contributing factor is the fact that most young and married women make material things their top priority and if their husbands do not like it, or won’t give them the money to do it, they would be angry.


There are so many reasons for that, amongst them are incompatibility of the couple, lack of trust between the two and non-submissiveness on the part of the wife. Most young women enjoy living flamboyant lifestyles.


Most women cannot tolerate. They cannot endure. Some want everything on a platter of gold. They don’t want to work because they are lazy.

A lot of women go into marriage for wrong reasons. Some because they want to marry a rich man. If the wealth should vanish, they will begin to find it difficult to stay in the marriage.

There are some women who believe their husband should be the sole provider for the house. Some find it difficult to separate themselves with their spinsterhood. They find it difficult to stop living that life when they get married.


It is all about endurance. Most ladies cannot endure. Marriage is all about endurance and understanding. A lot of married women are complete housewives. I cannot advise any woman to be a complete housewife. They should get themselves gainfully employed. When the man is financially stressed, the marriage will definitely have problem.


Most of them don’t have patience. The ladies are claiming to be wiser believing it is no longer a man’s world. They simply forget the African mentality. Patience is recommended for both of men and women.

They cannot persevere at all. Men are also not ready to drop their supremacy as heads of the family, and as an African child.

Lack of adequate courtship and unnecessary peer influence is another reason. Meanwhile, she condones all rubbish from her husband. Men on the other hand don’t want to forgo their supremacy as the head of the house and also as an African child.


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