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‘My days have become longer, filled with pain and despair’  – Widow of TFC’s Bunmi Adedayo confesses

OLUWAYEMISI Adedayo, widow of Bunmi, the only child of the owners of Tastee Fried Chicken who died on September 25, 2013, has admitted that she’s in despair, filled with pain, and confined to living a future dominated by uncertainty.

late Bunmi with Iyanuoluwayimika

late Bunmi with Iyanuoluwayimika

The mother of two children (Iyanuoluwayimika, a 5 year-old girl and Morolaoluwa, a boy) poured her heart out in a dedicated website in memory of the 36 year-old young man who passed on in Pretoria, South Africa following complications from pneumonia.

Two months after her husband of four years died, she wrote:

2 months after…

2013 September – November

It’s only 2 months today since you were gone but it feels like a decade because my days have become longer – filled with uncertainty, pain and despair; my nights are not left out from the feelings of anxiety, restlessness and panic. Now I really understand what it means to say “time flies by when you are having fun. The last 2 months seem longer than the past 5year (of which I’m very thankful for); they hold for me myriad memories that will linger on forever. Oluwabunmi, Oko mi! Living without you is a difficult and an audacious task. I lack the boldness to say one day at a time; for me, it is one minute at a time. I do know the Lord who allowed your transition knows what he is doing. In him lies my hope and in the memories lies my happiness with a tinge of sadness.

Continue to rest in peace my very own.


On Bunmi Adedayo’s post-humous birthday on January 5, 2014, Oluwayemisi, a former banker, cried:

“Your Birthday.

2014 January 05

January 5 is a landmark date in our family. It is the date that ushered you to this world and that same day, we formally tied the knot. January 5 is a date we set aside to celebrate major milestones in our lives and family.

It is always a glorious day as it is now, even though you are not physically here, I still sense and feel the urgency of the need to indeed make you the centre of it.

January 5 is your day and will always be your day. It is a synonym for Bunmi Adedayo……You own that day. Your birthday is a big deal to you, you never over-looked or side-tracked that day. You looked forward to it with a conscious intent to celebrate your life and make others around you happy, everyone (friends, families, acquaintances etc.) looked forward to that day. You celebrated your birthday with such grace and grandeur as if you knew that you weren’t going to be here for such a long time.

I still relieve the joy of celebrating your birthdays, one of it is your 35th birthday on the boat, it was indeed joy, happiness and fun all the way…. These feelings represent the very essence of who you are. You are joy, happiness and fun; and you exuded them…. They just never departed from you.

Though, today we are having a solemn celebration in honor of the life you lived and the values you eschewed, I can’t think of a January 5 without that much ado, no real buzz and no Entertainment…. But memories of you are filled with so much, joy, love and happiness – that we can’t help but be grateful unto God for a life well spent, that we can’t help but bless the day that brought you forth, that it evokes a touch of poignancy.

I am thankful that you Made your birthdays count, you didn’t need for anyone to make you feel like it was all about you on that day….you consciously and selflessly made It so… Every other thing after was just an icing in the cake.

On this great day, Oluwabunmi, I remember you as always with fondest memories filed with nothing but LOVE and GRATITUDE, knowing that you were an angel on a mission… You fought the good fight and you kept faith. No doubt you are resting in the bosom of your GOD. Keep on resting my love till we meet again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I am so sure the heavens are rocking tonight!

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