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Wife demands £2.6m (N715 million) extra in settlement, 10 years after divorce

Julia Hammans has demanded a bigger slice of her ex-husband’s £11m fortune, 10 years after their separation, claiming she had sacrificed her career to be a homemaker.

After marrying accountant Nicholas Hammans in 1983, she agreed to give up her job to care for the family, with the couple enjoying a high standard of living on the husband’s “very big earnings” until they split in 2004.

However, after a divorce court judge divided the family fortune, which Mrs Hammans values at £11 million, she claims her income is now 10 times smaller than that of her ex.

When the couple, who have two grown-up children, split up, Mrs Hammans received the £1.75 million family home in Twickenham as part of an interim settlement but she is now seeking a further £2.6 million.

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